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Play scripts sold
VIP Spirit Message for Johnathan:


Will I get any of my movie, TV, or play scripts sold? Johnathan


Your question oozes self-doubt. 


Be still and quiet when in doubt, and listen to your soul. Self-doubt slows our progress or stops us from turning dreams into reality because we don’t believe in ourselves and our abilities. Thus, your present state becomes your future because your world will reflect your thoughts of self-defeat. While feeling confused is perfectly human, it causes us to pause by reassessing our lives and identifying what we want. It requires deep soul searching. You won’t even bother asking me or anyone else the question when you know, without a doubt, that you’re going to make it happen.


The good news is that you have the power to make the change. 


First, clarify what matters most to your heart to shift your energy. You’re spread thin in so many directions. Remove the clutter from your head and environment and prioritize what’s most important to your soul. Refocus your attention. Second, surround yourself with others heading in the same direction as much as possible. Third, make your work visible by immersing yourself in the field, taking classes, and joining workshops and writers’ groups to hone your craft. Have others read your material. Listen, learn, edit (edit, edit, edit LOL), and submit your manuscripts to contests, festivals, agents, etc., to build self-confidence. No’s don’t mean you’re not good. It just means it’s not for us. When you believe and value yourself, others will respect you, too, and recognize what you have to offer! 


Miracles appear when you change your thoughts.


Coincidences turn into daily blessings. Ask the heavens, your momma spirit guide(s), to show you the way. Change your thinking today to create a future that aligns with your soul. I suggest beginning with an affirmation to make firm, such as, “I am grateful to have a full-time career, making an incredible living, doing what I love to do as a screenwriter….My scripts are easily sold!” What does that look like and feel like to you? The key is that you say what comes from your heart. Own it. Be it. Affirm to yourself every day or whenever you feel self-doubt. Be ALWAYS grateful for all the opportunities that come your way to attract more miracles. For more insight, I recommend reading the following channeled spirit messages: Forge ahead, Be yourself, and Follow your dream

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