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Be yourself
Your Spirit Message: 


Be yourself is all you need to do.


‘Society, however, deems value in having more than being. The ‘have’ to ‘be’ syndrome is backward. For instance, to be of value, you must have the right skin color, gender, perfect beauty or figure, right degree or job, ideal relationship, and the amount of money you have in the bank. Therefore, it’s an endless cycle of striving for more than you are. And this is why you think less of yourself, give up, not even try, or worse, try so hard by harming your well-being to go far above and beyond to BE whoever or whatever thinks is best. It’s why you are exhausted, stressed, and anxiety-ridden. When, in truth, you already are enough as you are, without the add-ons, so BE it. By accepting your whole being, you have everything needed to thrive. And your soul will know peace.


Be yourself and not what someone else expects you to be.


You sell your soul by conforming to be something you are not. That is living a life of hell. Think about where you feel added pressure in your life. Then, link it back to who or what has preconceived ideas of who you ought to be. You are the best version of yourself now. Everything that’s happened to you makes you who you are today. There’s nothing to hide, disguise, or change. You are you for a reason. 


Be yourself and nobody but you.


Being you is hard enough, let alone trying to be someone else. No matter how hard you try, you cannot be another person or squeeze your life into someone else’s. And why would you? There’s no one like you, which makes you unique. Life is difficult when you work against your own grain. A natural sequence of events unfolds by tuning into your spirit and owning your distinctive qualities. Your soul will align and harmonize with others destined to step in line with you by walking your designated path. Be you, and your tribe finds you. 

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