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Email Reading

Ask Laura Lee your VIP question. Submit your question by selecting a date on the calendar. This service is not intended for contacting your loved one, per say, but to ask ONE question. Your question is answered in the order it is received after submitting payment. Once we receive your request and transaction order from online, we will confirm by email your receipt with expected date for reply. If you don’t hear from us by email, please contact us regarding your submission. Your question is very important and your answer is not boilerplate. Instead, it is customized to your personal question specifically from Psychic Medium Laura Lee. Note that it can take up to the date scheduled for you to receive an answer. If you haven’t heard from Laura by the time indicated on your email confirmation, please feel free to contact us. If your question is urgent, you may schedule a reading or talk to Laura on Radio Medium. Please understand that this is not a full or in-depth reading, but a simple response to your question.