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Bygones be bygones
Spirit Story Message: Bygones be bygones 


Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you wrapped in peace and comfort. I’m sending a heartfelt invitation to join me on a profound journey in one of my podcast episodes in season 10, wrapping up five years of serving you! As your guide to the unseen world, I had the privilege of connecting with a beautiful soul from Washington State, Pat, who was seeking closure and understanding after the loss of a deeply cherished loved one.


A Connection Beyond Words


In this episode, I tuned into the spirit world and was greeted by a powerful female presence. I conveyed to Pat a profound recognition of her loved one, saying they had no chance for a proper farewell after a disagreement. This revelation, opened the door to a conversation about unresolved matters of Pat’s heart and the enduring bonds of their deep love for one another.


A Healing Touch for Lingering Pain


Pat’s heart was heavy with questions about a tragic incident that led to her friend’s passing. Through my mediumship, I felt a physical sensation that led us to uncover a history of head trauma and emergency situations. It was a poignant reminder to Pat that those we love never truly leave us; they stay close in spirit despite our best to reach them ourselves when we’re grieving. 


Shared Moments, Lasting Memories


We reminisced about their times together, filled with deep conversations and taking long drives for a smoke, which is a testament to the unique rituals that keep our connections alive. Pat’s memories of her friend symbolize their unbreakable bond that transcends the physical realm.


Pictures Worth a Thousand Words 


While we spoke, a simple framed picture of her friend on the computer on the desk became a beacon of validation, assuring Pat of her loved one’s presence participating in our talk. Yet, amidst the comfort, doubts lingered about the nature of her passing. Was it a tragic choice or a cruel twist of fate?


Unraveling the Mystery of Death


Together, we delved into the shadows of uncertainty, exploring the impact of antidepressants and the struggle against the darkness of depression. I shared my sense that Pat’s friend’s passing was an unintended consequence of a battle with prescriptions, offering a glimmer of understanding amid the grief of their previous disagreement.


As we wrapped up our heartfelt exchange, I was reminded of the power of connection and the solace it can bring. I extend my deepest sympathies to Pat and to all who have experienced the loss of their loved ones without saying farewell. 


Join Our Community of Support


I invite you to listen to this touching Radio Medium Laura Lee episode, “Bygones be bygones,” and share in the journey of healing and hope. Your stories, your heartaches, and your triumphs are what make our community strong. Subscribe, share your thoughts, and join our growing family on Facebook Radio Medium Laura Lee Group. Together, let’s continue to explore the mysteries of the spirit world and find comfort in the knowledge that love never dies.

With warmth and light, Laura Lee


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Photo by Elina Fairytale

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