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Not financially savvy
A VIP Spirit Message for Rebecca:


My son and I own a unit in an apartment building. It is his home. There have been many issues. The assistant general manager sees fees increasing substantially. My son cannot afford increases. I am tired of dealing with it, but I don’t want to waste all the hard work and expense by making the wrong decision. My son is not financially savvy. I will likely vote against the budget, but I want to figure out what to do in the long term so things work for both of us. Thanks, Rebecca

Rebecca, your question isn’t clear, but I can share how I read between your lines. I understand things are challenging in today’s climate, but options are always available. 


Seek, and you will find the answers within.


First, you must listen to your instincts. If you feel ‘tired,’ it’s a signal that it’s time to let go. While your son lives independently, he is a grown child because you manage his financial obligations. He will never learn to become a responsible adult and manage his finances if you continue to hold the reigns. God forbid something happens to you; otherwise, he’ll be forced to sink or swim. FYI, there’s NO prediction in that last statement! I suggest having a heart-to-heart talk with your son about how the burden weighs on you and what you expect from him. 


It’s time your son grows up to be a man.


It’s hard to see the forest when you’re lost beneath the trees in the darkness. You’re all grieving a loss in the family, and it’s hard to picture life without your loved one around to help navigate these challenges. But sometimes difficulties can help us grow. Allow your son to manage his life independently. It’s time for him to try on adulthood by letting him figure it out for his greater good and your sanity. As I see it, there are several options for you to exercise below:

  1. Suggest your son find more affordable housing that he can cover so that you can lease it to someone who can. 
  2. Have your son invite another roommate to cover the additional expenses.
  3. Have your son find more work to cover the additional expense. He can arrange to offset his fees with the apartment complex to provide a service (cleaning, repairs, tech support, etc). 
  4. Sell the apartment to relieve your burden and relocate your son to affordable housing that he can afford with a job. At worst, he can find roommates to share the expense. 
  5. Require your son to enroll in financial classes while remaining in the apartment. The closest university or online classes can help anyone manage their finances. 
  6. Visualize releasing the apartment into the light, or hand it over to your Guardian Angel or your husband in heaven! State the following affirmation aloud, “thank you for releasing the burden of our apartment from my heart and finding a solution that is for the greater good of all involved!” Practice it every night, every morning before you awake, and anytime it stresses you out. Perform the exercise until the miracle appears and it’s officially rooted in your life! 
Miracles appear when we let go of ‘how’ and have faith.


Blessings can enter once you surrender and invite the higher power to intervene. Your son may meet a new lover, a roommate, or a job, which can assist his spiritual growth. When you feel exhausted by stress and can’t think your way out of the situation, it’s time for you to make a change. Finally, it was easier when you had your husband shoulder the burden. He and the heavens can assist by ‘asking,’ but you have to be willing to stand back and allow the chips to fall as they may. 

For more insight, and guidance, I recommend reading WISDOM or SOURCE OF POWER

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