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Follow your dream
Your Spirit Message:


Follow your dreams to feel fulfilled.


Your dreams are not pie in the sky. They’re not wishes or wishy-washy. They are not mere fantasies. Dreams are divinely inspired thoughts, visions and give you good feelings to find purpose and meaning in your life direction. You were born into existence with a dream, but you feel non-existing if you don’t live the dream. Follow your bliss without abandon to come alive.


Follow dreams that arouse your best self-expression.


Dismiss haunting imaginations that disempower you or others. Inspirational goals, however, can appear scary too. It’s the part of your soul you keep hidden from yourself and others for fear of what people think. They’re also frightening because they appear impossible given your circumstances. Your dream is attainable; otherwise, you wouldn’t see it. Your angel repeatedly whispers the same plan because it’s time for you to grow. Listen to your heart to go against all odds; doors will open when you believe.


Following your dreams isn’t a selfish pursuit.


When you shine your light, living your dream by example, you awaken souls. Other people with the same vision in the dark recesses of their hearts hear their call to rise. Your soul tribe helps one another serve others, even if not directly, to make their heart beat to live life. Every person, however, performs in a unique way that can contribute to the whole. Living yourself as intended is how you help people, not by playing life safe or small. You are to live out the dream to make life worth living.


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