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Years ago, I was told that my spirit guide said I needed to make my own decisions. Do spirit guides always help you? Thanks, Lorraine


Your spirit guide can help you make better life decisions. 


The proverb that you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink is similar to a spirit guide offering you life direction. If you listen to Radio Medium Show, I share insight, guidance, and answers from people’s spirit guides. We can either accept our spirit’s direction or not, but many people have yet to learn how to discern what signals are right or wrong for their higher good. Ultimately, it’s our life to live, and we can freely choose what we will do. 


Your spirit guide can take multiple forms in your life. 


Your spirit guide is a discarnate spirit; they may have lived at some point and volunteered to participate in your life. They are not just any spirit but one that has a personal connection to you. A spirit guide can be an ancestor, like a family member, or a friend on the other side. They can also show up as an ascended master teacher such as Christ, Buddha, and White Eagle. They can appear as a guardian angel. Spirit guides can also be power animals like an eagle, cougar, or dog, insects such as a dragonfly, butterfly, or cricket, and plants such as roses, bamboo, or a lotus flower.


Your spirit guide can help your life improve on many levels. 


Spirit guides can help you heal your heart from grief, bring you a friend or lover, lend you strength, give you the courage to change, distinctly point you in the right direction, offer you clarity when there’s none, protect you from opposing forces, restore broken relationships, gently release bad relationships, increase your productive energy, inspire your creative juices, give you prophetic insights, enable you to know what’s best for you, sharpen your skillsets, enhance a talent or gift, give your life purpose, expand your knowledge on a subject, hone your intuitive senses, develop a new skillset, present new opportunities, heal you from illness, increase your financial wealth, find lost items, give you courage to speak your truth, plus much more. Most importantly, you must ask your spirit guide for help to allow them to intervene!


I teach students one-on-one to meet their spirit guides and learn how to work with their spirit guides to overcome real-life problems to make better life decisions. I’d love the opportunity to go on a spiritual journey with you. Please join my Mentorship Program to unlock your supernatural power to contact higher realms. 

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