Medium Laura Lee can see, feel, hear, and know what your dearly departed, spirit guide or angel need to communicate. A gifted clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing) and claircognizant (clear knowing), Laura taps into higher realms revealing insights, guidance and answers questions concerning health, wealth, relationships, career or life mission. A natural psychic, she taps into the past, present and can reveal prophetic information pertaining to what matters most to you. Her readings dispel fear, inspire hope and empower you with the knowledge to make better life decisions.

Laura Lee is skilled connecting callers with their loved ones as a national, radio host for nearly twenty years. She is available to anyone, anywhere in the world, for private phone readings or Skype session (we can help you set up with a free account to connect). Laura’s abilities are not compromised by phone readings, but offers video sessions for clients who prefer a face-to-fact contact (rates vary). Please contact the office for more details.

All readings are scheduled by appointment only during the week: Monday – Friday (sorry no weekends). Payment is required to secure a date and time on the calendar for your booking. Fee increases are not passed on to returning clients who are grandfathered in at their original rate. Refer a friend or family member and receive 25% OFF your next reading. We retain 75% for no shows with the balance credited towards future service(s). No refunds, but all services are guaranteed with credit towards future events or services. eGift Certificates are available for your family and friends. Contact the office for details.

Reading (online face-to-face) with Laura

*Special link and instructions will be emailed within 24 business hours of receipt notification.