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Psychic Medium Laura Lee can see, feel, hear, and know what your dearly departed, spirit guide, or angel needs to communicate. A gifted clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing), and claircognizant (clear knowing), Laura connects with your dearly departed, spirit guide or your guardian angel to reveal insights, guidance, and answers about your real-world problems. She can address concerns about health matters (however, she recommends consulting a physician), financial issues, relationship problems, career or life missions. A natural psychic, she taps into the past, present and can reveal prophetic information about what matters most to you. Her readings dispel fear, inspire hope and empower you with the knowledge to make better life decisions.
Laura Lee is skilled at connecting callers with their loved ones as a national radio host for over a decade. She is available to anyone globally by online video (online audio sessions or by phone at your request). Readings are for one person only. Please select a date on our calendar to book your reading appointment. Our system will automatically confirm details upon seeing your transaction receipt, send you a reminder of your session, or give you the option to reschedule online. Links to meet with Laura online are emailed (check spam) from the office within 12 hours from the appointment date. 

Multiple Party Reading Discount: Family and friends can join Laura Lee for a 30-minute reading group session at a discounted rate (for groups of nine people or less). Everyone can join the group reading from their homes (via their personal device, phone, or laptop), anywhere in the world, to the party’s dedicated online link in a private chat room (video or audio are optional per the person’s discretion) with Laura. The first-person rate is $298, plus each additional person is half the first-person rate at $149. Example: 4-person party = $298 + $447 (3x$149) = $745 total or $186.25/person. Contact the office to schedule your group reading. 


*NOTE: Please contact the office for party readings (10+ more guest) rates that are discounted for your family and friends for a full-hour reading session. Fee increases are not passed on to returning clients and are grandfathered at their original rate. Contact our office to pay for a reading at your price point. Refer a friend or family member and receive 25% OFF your next reading with Laura. We retain 75% for no-shows with the balance credited towards future service(s). Services are nonrefundable, but guaranteed credit towards other services, gift cards, or events. Please get in touch with our office directly for a Reading eGift Certificates for your family and friends.