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Tune into your spirit with Radio Medium Laura Lee  weekday mornings at 6 am PT / 7 am MT / 8 am CT / 9 am ET on WRWO 94.5 FM and on podcast found on your favorite forum. Radio Medium is a talk show with open call lines where acclaimed medium Laura Lee gives spiritual advice, insight or answers from beyond. We talk about relationship, health (Laura is not a doctor), career, and financial guidance. Her readings dispel fear, inspire hope and help you make better life decisions. 


“I just got a call from Laura Lee. I will tell everyone that she is the best. I have been doing her (Radio Medium) 5 minute phone sessions for awhile, she is absolutely wonderful. I was astounded to hear the reading she was communicating with my mother before. I had someone pass recently in August and she came thru. Remarkable work Laura Lee. You won’t be disappointed.”

Dennis Arnold

“Laura read for me (twice) around 2006??? Laura said my (departed) father came through and he mentioned me living in Florida. At that time I resided in Los Angeles. I’m now living in Florida! Laura was 100% spot on with everything she shared! I truly need her guidance again!”

John Hayes

“Hi Laura…I have to tell you that when you mentioned the person coming through with a boot, I believed that was my mother lol! Whenever you mentioned the boot, the pins in the broken arm, or the lift over her bed, my lights would go out or the smoke alarm would beep…Thank you!”


“When Laura announced that she was speaking to a man named Luis, I didn’t respond.  It had been decades since I heard my grandfather’s name spoken aloud.  But when she connected his name to a bodily affliction that was my own, I knew there could be no doubt. Grandfather, she said, was announcing a child was on the way.  This too was dubious since the young women in our family were in no position to become pregnant.  And yet, no more than one day passed and I received a telephone call from a dear family member to announce the new arrival of family in October this year.  We are elated!  Thank you, grandpa! And thank you Laura Lee!  We are blessed by messages of love.”


“It took me a while to connect the dots, but I understood everything (Radio Medium call)…I didn’t expect my brother-in-law’s spirit to come through even though I have been feeling his presence since my husband, his brother, had a stroke last month. We haven’t been close and he was feeling alone before he passed for sure. I feel sorry for our disconnect for many years after he was bed bound before his passing. My husband and I arrived to see him when he was pretty much gone. I regret not being there earlier. Him and my husband had complicated relationship. Everything you said makes sense now, but I guess at the moment it was difficult to comprehend. When we finished the call all I wanted you to relate to him that I am thankful for his message and his spirit presence to support his brother and myself….Thank you for listening and for doing what you do, open up a different dimension in people’s conciseness.”


“I’ve been lucky enough to have had three psychic readings from Radio medium Laura Lee now, and each time I am blown away at her accuracy.  She always describes little details so special no one else would know, I could feel that she wasn’t just guessing, or making it up. I knew in my gut and heart that I could trust the info she was giving me. I get emotional every time. Laura Lee has an incredible gift, that has me wanting to come back again and again.”

Anne Ledah

“Laura your radio program is amazing!!!! I love the show. I love that you help people heal. Thank you for all that you do!”


Stan from Illinois
“It’s a GIRL! You were right again! The reading you gave me was in February 2023. You said my mom came through holding pink baby booties and was ushering in a baby girl for someone in my family. Everyone wondered why I was so sure it would be a girl, and I said, “Laura Lee has never been wrong in the 21 years I have known her! She is always spot on!”
Rhonda Johnson

“Hello Laura! I just wanted to tell you how your voice has such a comforting effect on me. I love listening to you.  I am reminded that you are a conduit to those I love in the spirit world and how you have helped me so much over the years – speaking with you, personally and listening to your shows.  My husband and I just returned from 6 weeks in Europe. It was a great time!  I’m catching up on your website to see what I missed.”


“Remember when I had my reading and my mom came through holding pink booties and you said she was ushering in a baby? You said the number 6 was important. This is the 6 month and we got the announcement tonight!”

Rhonda Johnson
“Every time I hear your voice, Laura, (on radio) I remember how much you have helped me over the years. Your gift has transformed some of my deepest challenges in life, and I am so very great full to you that we met back many years. Incredibly credible you are…” 🙏🙌
Bo Nielson

“I attended a group reading…10 years ago and had a private (psychic) reading about a month later. I wrote everything down that we talked about and realized as the years went on Laura Lee was spot on. Amazing experience!”

Mary Beth Beenenga

“Omg!!! When I was on Radio Medium Laura Lee Show last year 😭 she was right about everything. I always knew!”

Jasmyn Haywood-Hammons

“You called it! If I could shout off the rooftop your praise, I would! NYC is pulling out the red carpet for me, and they didn’t even know me when we talked. I’m exactly where you saw I’d be in my career when I couldn’t believe it myself! Thank you, Laura”

Patrick Duvall

“Laura Lee just ROCKS it! I have had two (psychic) readings from her and her gift is such a blessing to others!”

Kelly Kemmere

“Good afternoon, I was at your group reading (Contact Your Dearly Departed Webinar) last night and thought you were absolutely amazing!” 

Alexandra Laverty

“I had a 5-minute reading, and wow!! Recently I had to put my sweet dog down after 14 years and he came to say hi during the reading, that brought me so much comfort also, my whole family was there. I’m the last, and it’s true I am the last; so many revelations in just five minutes that I was completely blown away!! She is so so good! What a blessing,” 

Shelley Lester Dodge

“Hello Laura, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the extra time with me today. I got so much out of my reading with you and thoroughly enjoyed what I learned. You are a very gifted person and just wanted to thank you personally for everything!” Sincerely, Nicole

Nicole Parmele

“Hi Laura,  my reading with you went great!  I have spoken to many mediums since my daughter passed away five months ago, but you were the most accurate.  I was amazed that my neighbor came through as well, and he has only been in spirit for five days! I appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions that I had.  I felt more at peace after speaking with you!  Thank you!”

Ellen Hempton

“When I told my mom that dad (who had passed in 2020) was absolutely around and that he had witnessed his granddaughter’s graduation, she was overjoyed. She said she felt his presence, but the confirmation was a comfort for her. And as for the information about my son, you accurately described what I suspected he has been going through. Thank you for the guidance on what direction we should take to help him better! Your advice for helping my daughter understand she has angels always with her truly helped. After the first night that we said the special prayer together, she said she slept so soundly because she felt protected. Knowing her guardian angel’s name was very comforting! And thank you for being so open about your experiences; we could definitely relate!”

Rose Sebe
“Hi Laura! I hope that you are doing well! I wanted to share something with you. I have hooked up a few people with you and you have done a few of the 5 minute readings (Radio Medium) with them. You did an amazing job with all! During one of the readings, the first thing you brought up was a German Shepherd dog, but my friend just could not connect it. I wanted to let you know that she was my dog. Her name was Mandy. The funny thing is that I could not get her out of my mind the morning of their reading. I even thought maybe she was wanting me to remind them that pets can come through. My friends never knew her. They knew of her, but said that they just could not think. I told them about you after something tragic happened to their family. We spoke after the reading and at the end of the conversation I said, “so she started out with your parents?” My friend said actually no. She started with a German Shepherd that we just could not place, and then she reminded me again at the end of the reading about the German Shepherd. He said that you told him that she would be important to the person she belonged to! Then it’s like lightening struck. He said “oh f*%@ that was your Mandy” I said YEP!!! Anyway I thought I would share, and thank you for bringing her through. She was my baby!!! Sincerely, Sandy M.”
Sandy M.

“I am so happy that I took the step to contact Laura Lee…she is unbelievable. First, I was a twin who had lost my brother at infancy. He is always in my thoughts and I feel like he is right here with me all the time. Not too many people know about him and she (Laura) said that he was with me. I was choked and it took every breath for me to continue the conversation. Another was the message from my father. I have missed him so much and to hear he is with me and knows I go to the cemetery just knocked my socks off. This was so important that we visit him. He made sure to be buried close to my house so I would  visit. Laura Lee made my day!”

Jayne Combs

“I was listening to BTR (Blog Talk Radio) at work today while sitting at my desk. I came across your segment and I realized you read for me back in Dec 2014. I went back to the archives from that day; I had transcribed them in my journal. My mouth dropped open after reading it today. I’m not a “prediction” junky but boy did you hit it out of the park AND the “now” things you picked up “about” and “for” me were so right on it. I understood your observations at the time AND you were sooo right. Those words are so healing for me today!”

Sophia Towns

“My mom turned on her radio when she got to work. The song that you sang (Old Days by Chicago) was on the radio; You said my dad was singing this song  and you relayed this message to her at the reading.  My mom was so happy. It brought her a lot of peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!”

Angie Noonan

Remember when you said I was gonna meet someone soon? Well I did…I haven’t been this happy in a very long time. Anyway wanted to give ya an update. Thanks again!

Meredith Dunning

Thank you for the poignant and nurturing reading that you did for me after the passing of my mother. It meant so much to me and my siblings with whom I shared your messages as soon as we all gathered in Delhi (India). The words you shared were not only absolutely accurate but they were like a loving balm to our grief.

Pami Singh

I received a reading…where you gave me wonderful news about my mother. She thought that she had cancer and was praying to the Virgin of Guadalupe. You gave me a message for my mother acknowledging she was heard and that everything would be fine. This turned out to be the truth and we all feel blessed. It felt good to get some assurance during that scary time. Thank you!

Erica Westin

I thought ‘what is the cost….for a chance to communicate with my mother?’ My answer was priceless. My mother was coming thru to talk to me. Oh my God!…The things that she shared with me just amazed me. Only my mother would know these things….I am a true believer…

Tina Schiffbauer

“I contacted you…regarding a project and you told me that my sister would help me …And didn’t understand how my sister could help.  But, you were right! …I enlisted the help of my sister. You had also told me that mid-summer was when I would see movement.  You were also right…I worked with my sister over the summer, and finished early September! Thank you for your encouragement and advice!”

From Oregon

“Here’s the amazing occurrence that took place: You honed in on my sister and began describing a woman that we all knew was our mom. Continually, during that brief interaction, you said that my mom kept putting a crown on my sister’s head. You asked if we had any idea what that could mean. We couldn’t come up with a single reference to the crown related to our mom. Just then, my 4 year old son ran into the house and jumped up on sister’s lap and promptly placed the Burger King crown on her head. Immediately everyone began to feel shivers and shed tears. Mom was making a prophetic gesture to let us know that she was still around. Thank you VERY much for bringing us her message.”

Terry Beer

“I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from my mother and my father (through Laura Lee). Things were relayed to me that could be for me specifically and only known by me. My father must have been able to sense my apprehension because he reaffirmed it was not just “T”, his nickname, but it was “TED!” the name for which the “T” stood for. It was a unique and comforting experience”

Diane Haase

“Laura said an angel appeared behind my friend and me; The person who appeared was a student of mine in my first class who had been killed in a car accident…Laura Lee confirmed that experience. Again, the information was so specific that it could not have been fabricated or conjured up in any way…peace and comfort filled my whole body”

Rhonda Johnson

“My mother came thru loud and clear! Laura saw a house fire with lots of people surrounding it in an almost “party atmosphere” ~ After my parents died, the family farmhouse was taken down in a “controlled burn” with the local fire department. Many friends and family members attended the burn. My mother told us that she was very happy about this event and that she always hated that house (something that I always suspected)”

Ruth Baldin

“I am so pleased that my boyfriend contacted Laura Lee…she is unbelievable. When he had his reading , I saw his whole facial expression change and tears well up. He couldn’t speak. When he hung up (the phone) he broke down and cried that he finally got the apology from her that he always wanted to hear. She even acknowledged his caring for her during her dying. How would anyone know this? She is phenomenal. Anyone that doesn’t believe, needs to have a reading by Laura.”

Jayne Combs

…I had a reading with Laura Lee. This reading was very short, but the information Laura brought through was detailed, accurate and amazing. The information was not vague….she brought through information only known to friends and family who knew details surrounding my son’s passing. I have had several readings with pretty reputable mediums in the past. Laura’s message was one of the most compelling…Laura has to be one of the most accurate mediums.

Patrick Collins

“So wonderful to hear from my Mom who passed away 3 years ago from Cancer…Even though both of my boys were very close to my Mom, because I took care of her, my oldest at 15 had a very special relationship to my Mom. He still has a very hard time dealing with her passing….even talking about it makes him very emotional. Laura Lee was right on target and she brought so much joy to my sons heart. I just wanted to express my deepest thanks. You have helped to make a sad little boy realize that our loved one’s are NEVER gone!”

Doreen Duran

“I met Laura shortly after my sister, Judy, died. Laura was extraordinarily helpful to me and later to my daughter. Her ability to communicate with my sister, from the other side, and provide information that only my sister knew helped me deal with the loss. After my dad passed away, I again turned to Laura for help. Her gift as a medium is authentic and proves to be healing for anyone present.”

Marcie Harrison

“I want to thank you. Everything you had given me was 100% accurate. I went into this a bit skeptical but after talking with you, I am now a true believe of you. You gave me answers to questions that were resting heavy on my heart. You also mentioned that my Mom had a lot to say (from the other side) and you really blew my wife away by letting her know that Mom wished her a happy birthday. You’re incredibly gifted Laura. I can’t thank you enough…you helped my heart so much… you’re the only one I believe is a true medium.”

Dan Ariza

“Thank you so much for your reading…I have been in such turmoil since my son passed away and you answered my questions. It gave me peace of mind knowing that my son was okay….and that he’ll always be with me.”

Maureen De Leon

“After I talked to you, my mom text me to tell me that she found that ring my maternal grandmother told you to tell me about in the reading. It was in a box, just like you said. She also found a letter that my maternal grandmother wrote to me when I was away at college, dated 9/15/90.”

Lucy Gonzales

“Thank you so much for the reading.  It was wonderful.  What a gift you have.”

Debra Nagel

While searching podcasts a little over a year ago, I stumbled upon your show and have been listening ever since. I’m so happy I found it, or maybe it found me. After someone’s passing very close to me, it’s been a great comfort to listen to your inspiring stories and messages to others.

Emilee Fraser

I just wanted to thank you again for reading and being the bridge of communication for me in a lost time in my life. I apologize for getting so choked up. I am a daddy’s girl, so his messages today hit home for me…

Hope Mills

Thank you so much, Laura, for…sharing with me. My Dad came through Everything, and I mean Everything you told me connected and had meaning with my Dad. Thank you again. I wish I could talk with you all the time; you hit the nail on the head with Everything you told me. Thank you, and God bless. You told me what I needed to hear. You have a beautiful gift.

Marcy Wikoff

My dear friend Patti had a reading with you, and I found it amazing!

Pat LaBella

I just wanted to tell you to thank you so much for my reading! It’s given me so much peace and my family as well. I made a lot more connections even after my reading, just like you had said. It was an incredible experience. Thank you for all that you do. I could never fully express my gratitude. But thank you for the beautiful gift of connecting with my “Choppa” I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you’ve helped me heal so much but so many others as well. Just thank you! PS You were so kind when I was so nervous. I’m grateful to you.

Amanda Goodwin

You did a reading for a friend named Cris, and you were dead on.


Thank you so much!! You got me. I teared up. I was so happy to hear from my work mom and friend! I was hoping for some guidance or warning of anything, but I was happy to hear I will settle! I think this is a great thing …btw; Cherie is an angel and a huge powerful pushy source. She may stay in contact with you…LOL


Laura nailed it today! She described my brother to a T, and it was so nice to hear that he’s right beside me (in the car) as I assumed all these years. Laura is talented and gifted. Thanks for the reading. I’ll recommend you for sure!

Laura T.

Everything you described sounded very accurate. As a child, I had a strong connection to Mother Mary/ Maria (my middle name). Just a week ago my Miraculous medal fell out of the safe and onto the floor as though it was meant to gain my attention. Somewhere along the way, I have lost that connection. I feel honored that she is my guide. However, I do not feel worthy. My issues, I am sure.

Eva Avila

I just wanted to thank you all for the reading yesterday. It pretty much verified for me that my parents are still around. That they are with me and seeing them around here…is part of the way things are. I listened to the show last night and…your messages always calm me when I’m having a bad day….Lots of love to you and yours.

Angel Moody

I do believe in Laura Lee and her powerful ability. You see, I have witnessed readings twice with her and was amazed at her ability. She told me I would be a grandmother within a year; both my daughters said no and that they were done having children. Eight months later, we welcomed my grandson Kyler.

Kimberly Robinson

I am very grateful for her (Laura Lee’s) reading…I experienced a physical sensation in my chest for about a week after peace and an opening. I don’t know how to express it, but I know that Laura Lee opened that channel for me. It was a real turning point for me. Please let her know I am incredibly grateful to her…Many thanks, your very grateful supporter.

From Charleston

Thank you so much for the opportunity….It was really special. My mother passed on May 24 and was buried on June 22, 2019. I am happy that you have confirmed that I am her “sweet girl”……I feel so good. I am grateful to you. Mama will always be near. You are a wonderfully gifted human being! So Appreciative……

Jacinth Allen Donaldson

That was amazing. How did she (Laura Lee) pick up on things?

Chris Hickman

Laura is extremely talented, warned me about my ex, revealed something very unique which he admitted just a week later…

Yasmeen Samad

You were 100% “spot-on”…Yes, we had a little lap dog…she was a miniature terrier named Duchess. Thanks so much for what you do.

Jenny Garver

Back in 2008, my mother passed, and I lost the condo and ended up renting a room. Then I decided to quit real estate and become an actor. I went on the computer to find a psychic, and CBS radio came up, I called Laura’s show, and she told me a website to go to and said I would get a part. The following week I had a call for a background on the Good Wife. I then called Laura, who told me about some people I was going to meet which I have met some.

John Bourne

…Your prediction was correct, and I am pregnant! We are about nine weeks and four days along…You truly have a gift and given me faith…

Amanda Claire

OMG! I loved my reading!!! I’m going over it again and again in my mind. So enlightening!! Laura, wow! Hit it right on the button! It made me cry.

Carmen Ariza

I did find out my great grandfather was in the army and grandfather in the navy…Hopeful child spirit is baby on the way…Thank you!

Amanda Claire

You were correct about my boss. He was fired within months (and) I moved onto a job that I love. Thank you for your message.

Rose Sebe

Ms. Laura Lee was amazing! Everything added up. I loved it! Much love.

Krystle Sweeney

You said Mom was to attend my party-You saw us together. I had no ideas of any party. Well, we celebrated our anniversary party, and Mom came!

Lucy G.

Laura was spot on with…the info…from my mom on the other side. Amazing.

Patricia Kohut

Thank you for confirming all the information. It made my heart happy to know he’s (late husband) right here with me.

Deb Cavaness

Hi Laura Lee, Absolutely love your Podcast! Thank you! Blessings, Love, and Light always!

Heidi Smith

You are so amazing! Thank you, once again, for sharing your beautiful gift with me, and for guiding my family along with this important decision. I truly appreciate every word you shared with me.

Niki Sterner

Hi Laura Lee! Absolutely love your Podcast! Thank you! Blessings, Love, and Light always!

Heather Underwood

I have written to you several times over the past few years and everything you said has come true. Thank you and God Bless!

Lisa Cataldo

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you relayed to me yesterday. I spent a lot of time looking over the notes last night. I really needed to hear everything you spoke about.  The session really helped me in a very very difficult time. I work a job where thank yous are not necessary because I do it to help others. However, I always told myself if anyone ever helped me gain clarity after losing a close loved one, I would be sure to send a thank you.

Brie Vonruden

Both of my girls have broken up with their boyfriends, just as you predicted….The middle daughter is involved in dance, again, just as you said she would. My eldest stepped down from managing and hair styling and is now a teacher…which is what you told me years and years ago. Didn’t see that happening, but that’s what keeps life exciting…

Lisa Zimmerman

My son is going into a top university…he has a very strong interest in politics which you said at our family reading in 2007…I start my doctorate in the fall as well…You mentioned that in 2014 before I saw it.

Krista Webb

Dear Laura, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Thank you for your beautiful message. It was worth the wait. I had chills…I will keep following your amazing work! With love, Sladjana Vukov

Sladjana Vukov

“Dearest Laura Lee, We did it!!! With an open and grateful heart, with dedicated daily prayer, with perseverance in the name of love! We were reunited with our babies today! THANK YOU!!!!  Im not sure if you remember me, the woman from Alaska who was separated from her children. I called on all the benevolent light beings and especially the Arc Angels. I was guided to you and your readings and most importantly your advice that came from a place of empathy is what I believe changed the game for us. I shifted my prayer focus from pleading to gratitude. Connecting soul to soul with the Judge who would decide our destiny…this judge ruled in our favor by a landslide and granted us immediate custody…..after 169 days of fighting to get them back! I am so eternally grateful and there are really no words to describe my happiness! My babies are all tucked in and sleeping sweetly! I’m sending you love and gratitude and praying for many blessings for you and your loves.” Sincerely, Casey from Alaska

From Alaska

“Thank you so much for my reading…you are amazing and I will definitely be booking more readings in the future,”

Taylor W.
Radio Medium Caller

“When you did my reading for your radio show, I was hoping for horses to show up. Instead, my mother showed up, seemingly telling me what I should do .  Her advice is one I hold deeply as caring for my needs instead of others which is a personal struggle.”

Sheila Fraine

“I would like to take this time to thank Laura for the 5-minute (Radio Medium) phone reading. I lost my wife in October, and she wasn’t just my wife ~ she was my best friend, soulmate, and everything. And I have been struggling. Struggling is an understatement. It has devastated me. My whole world has been flipped upside down. I felt like, for that brief time, my wife was communicating with me….I wanted to thank her for being able to contact my beautiful wife.”

Paul Juhl
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