Laura Lee

Peace on Earth

Angel Message: Peace on Earth begins with you. Tranquility seems like an elusive destination sometimes, but it’s not. You already possess it, but it depends on how you expend your energy. If you’re sad, you send out that vibration to receive a world that reflects your misery. Mad, your environment will put other angry people …

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Patience is cherished

Angel Message: Patience is a cherished act of love. Be more patient with yourself by replacing self-deprecating thoughts with words of empowerment. Stop forcing yourself to change and be more gentle with life transitions. The world is already challenging enough without having another bully push you around. Self-tolerance makes you more considerate towards others, allowing …

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What are orbs

VIP Message for Kaia: What are orbs, and why am I suddenly seeing them in videos? God bless you, Kaia McNeil In my professional experience, orbs of light are angels. The smaller, twinkling kind are elements, angels that watch over Earth and animals. Orbs can float, flash, or zip across a room randomly and suddenly …

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