Laura Lee

My real dad

My real dad

Message of Love Story by Kristin “My real dad:” I was a passenger in my grandfather’s car a few months ago. I felt a spirit’s presence riding along with us in the back seat. It wasn’t the first time I felt this spirit in my grandfather’s presence. I knew our company was an elderly male …

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Love is real

Angel Message: Love is the only thing real. You are always and forever loved. You are never separate from love, even when you don’t feel its presence. As a spiritual being, you are divine love incarnated as a human to experience it manifested in form. By giving and receiving love, life thrives. Science is only …

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I am pregnant

VIP Message for Brooke: I am pregnant. Will my baby be a healthy little girl? Laura Lee: Yes, especially if you take tender loving care of yourself. You and your baby are one!  You’ll increase your baby’s chances of being healthy if you are healthy.  Do everything your doctor recommends, including getting adequate rest, eating …

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Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Angel Message: Peace on Earth begins with you. Tranquility seems like an elusive destination sometimes, but it’s not. You already possess it, but it depends on how you expend your energy. If you’re sad, you send out that vibration to receive a world that reflects your misery. Mad, your environment will put other angry people …

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