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Laura Lee's Mentorship Program
Develop your supernatural, psychic mediumship, power to contact higher realms.

Did you know you can do what I can and talk to your dearly departed, a spirit guide or a guardian angel? You are hard-wired with the supernatural power to connect with the spirit world daily. It’s not a gift for the privileged few but accessible to everyone because it’s built into your DNA. Embracing your sixth sense strengthens contact with higher realms prepared to help heal, inspire, advise, guide, intervene, support, and assist your higher good. Tapping into the divine source gives you the power to go through blocks, maneuver around obstacles, and overcome challenges by discovering the answers within. Life becomes rich, and a miraculous adventure when you learn how to collaborate with your heavenly helper(s) to witness life’s miracles. 

How my program benefits you;

Meet and greet your spiritual guide, guardian angel, or a dearly departed to thrive in life. 

Meet and greet your spiritual guide, guardian angel, or dearly departed to thrive. As your ‘spirit’ guide, we will journey into the heavens together, where you’ll meet and greet your guardian angel, a spirit guide, or reconnect with a dearly departed’s spirit. You will see, feel, hear, and come to know them intimately and develop a spiritual relationship that will last a lifetime. Upon your call, heavenly forces can help heal, inspire, advise, guide, intervene, support, and assist you by delivering miraculous solutions that are beyond your imagination. One of the three realms, closely aligned with your soul, will appear to work with you on your journey to deal with a real-world challenges. 

1) Contact your dearly departed for healing grief. I will guide you into higher realms and reintroduce you to the spirit of your dearly departed. You can see, feel, hear, and know them intimately and learn how to communicate, not one-way, but actually dialog! I believe personal contact with our loved ones is soul therapy for grief. The experience can help you recover, find closure, and bring peace of heart, mind, and soul to living life now. I know this to be true from personal experience and countless connections I’ve made for people as a professional healer and teacher. Listen to Radio Medium Laura Lee Show Podcast on any favorite podcasting forum to hear how. 

2) Contact your spirit guide for life direction. I will guide you to see, feel, hear, and know your spirit guide(s) personally. Your spirit guide can include a loved one, a distant ancestor, a former colleague, a soulmate from another realm, animal spirits, an angel, or a spiritual master teacher that brings more insight, skills, or life direction to whatever challenge you face. Developing a rapport with your spiritual guide can make the difference when life throws you curve balls.

3) Contact your guardian angel for divine guidance. The celestial kingdom is accessible to all of us, no matter our faith; light beings are not exclusive to any religion and are all-inclusive. Everyone has one or more guardian angels. I will guide you into heavenly realms to see, feel, and hear and come to know your guardian angel(s) who shows you the way daily, whether or not you believe. They anticipate your needs and lend a helping hand to guide your life. When you’re ready to ask and listen, this divine relationship is indispensable for thriving in life.

Strengthen contact with higher realms through lessons, exercises, and assigned PLAYwork.

I intuitively customize the program to your current skill set based on a questionnaire we’ll have you answer. It’s essential to keep material fresh to sharpen your skills, and in each half-hour session, we delve into a specific lesson, perform an exercise, and I recommend playwork that reinforces the study session for confronting your real-world problem. Students have found success in overcoming life challenges such as terminal illness, moving forward from losing a loved one, separation or divorce, career challenges or shifts, and embracing a new phase in life. With direct contact with higher realms for guidance, you will no longer rely upon a therapist, clergy member, psychic, or psychic medium as a trusted advisor unless you choose.

Raise your vibration to break through blocks and connect with higher realms.

We all have blocks that shield our intuitive nature. There’s a taboo around utilizing our sixth sense (another term for psychic abilities or mediumship) by religious institutions, mental health organizations, and social and family norms that are built-in blocks from opening to your higher self that directly links you to the divine. Everyday life, at home or in our social or work environment, clutters our receptors too. You make contact every day but probably don’t recognize the physical signs or non-physical cues because of blocks, such as:

  1. No one taught you how or why it is beneficial to contact higher realms for your higher good.
  2. You aren’t aware of their signs to communicate clearly. 
  3. The media makes the supernatural phenomena scary to boost ratings and money. 
  4. Someone told you that spiritual contact is demonic for control.
  5. It’s frightening to travel alone into unknown territory.
  6. Death is the second biggest fear next to public speaking. 
  7. You’re afraid that other people will judge you crazy. 

You will quickly eliminate these fears by discovering benevolent forces are available upon your call. I teach several proven methodologies that breakthrough your barriers and raise your vibration to enhance your connection to the spirit realm for answers. Establishing contact with your network of heavenly helpers is positively life-affirming and transformative.

Your psychic skills will enhance everyday decision-making to overcome real-world problems.

I’ll guide you to strengthen your sixth sensory perception to see beyond the range of natural vision as a clairvoyant or attune to audio frequencies beyond the typical hearing like a clairaudient. I will also teach you to become more clairsentient by trusting your feelings for clear psychic impressions. You’ll also learn to ‘know’ when you receive an intuitive hit by enhancing your claircognizance ability. More importantly, you’ll learn the tool to discern between your mind and trustworthy divine guidance. The sixth sense supports your five senses and allows your whole being to make sound decisions for navigating real-world challenges.

Learn to discern truth from false spiritual guidance to live your life authentically from the heart.

“Truth” is a hot topic in our current social affairs. We often need clarification on the right advice with adverse information or opinions that hit us from many different directions and people. Also, many worry that they have made up contact within their minds as wishful thinking. When you learn to discern psychic impressions, there is a distinct difference between right and wrong guidance. I have proven methods to help you filter between truth and fiction. Believing in yourself and trusting your inner wisdom is essential to living an authentic life free from fear and with an open heart.

Actualize your psychic mediumship skills for self-empowering decisions that reveal daily miracles. 

My program is positively life-altering, and our work together is good-spirited fun that it is not at all woo-woo but a natural part of your very being! I will guide you to hone in on your innate intuitive, psychic abilities to overcome a real-life problem and how to apply them to any other challenges you face daily. I’ll demonstrate how your divine force can heal, inspire, advise, guide, intervene, support, and assist you in delivering solutions beyond your comprehension and always for your higher good. My program will prove how to witness miracles daily by making your dreams manifest, not just sometimes but always.

I am your 'spirit' guide through the learning process to develop psychically.

My program is not by manual or digital video. We meet monthly one-on-one by phone (or online); we can connect anywhere you are on the world map. Our time together allows you to express thoughts, feelings, and questions during learning. You are also accessible to me as your mentor (not as a psychic medium), personally and by email, to share feedback on your progress. It’s more fun working together, watching your progress unfold to celebrate your achievements.

As a professional spiritualist, keynote, workshop instructor, and healer; Reiki Master-Teacher, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, and Past Life Hypnotist Therapist, I’ve helped thousands reach higher realms. My program has been time-tested for the last 20 years. I shared the stage as a keynote and teacher throughout our country alongside spiritual authors such as Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’ve designed personal mentorship programs for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, authors, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, therapist, teachers, and stay-at-home mothers or fathers who seek to develop their intuitive abilities to navigate life’s obstacles. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; your life can benefit from developing your supernatural skills for overcoming challenges and manifesting a miraculous life. 

What others have said; 

“Contact you last year to participate in your webinar sessions, and the mentorship program that would follow was life-altering. I plan to continue my daily meditations, journaling, and self-care to receive daily miracles. I’ve learned so much and will always appreciate” Lesli Griffith 

“I love everything that I am learning from you!!! And being able to experience it is beyond words! I could’ve signed up to be mentored by John Edwards, or another of the others, but someone or something said…”just do it,” and I signed up for your mentoring program. I wouldn’t trade you for all the GOLD in the world! Well maybe, if Elvis came back younger! Ha Ha Ha!” Kathy Mihok

“I want to let you know that having you as a mentor has completely changed my life. For that, I would always be thankful.” Jhoanne Asvathitanonta

“You opened me to a new world that amazes me by reconnecting my higher self with spiritual guidance. Thank you for showing me new possibilities in my life!” Janet Ziebarth 

You’re going to love my mentorship program too! It begins with your commitment to four forty-minute weekly sessions within a month based on your skill level and pace. We can continue our work together based on your personal goals. Register now to tap into your supernatural power to live a miraculous life.

I look forward to working with you!

Join My Mentorship Program to Embrace Your Super-Natural Power

Your registration receipt automatically signals my office to reach out and schedule our first meeting. You and I will personally schedule each meeting based on availability. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are still waiting to hear from us in 48 business hours! You are free to cancel at any time. Refunds are not applicable for this service, however, credit is reserved for other services or gift certificates, and events. 

$350 per session