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Laura Lee's Mentorship Program
Unlock your supernatural psychic power to contact higher realms.

Did you know you can do what I can and commune with your dearly departed, a spirit guide or a guardian angel without a professional medium? Think of it, wouldn’t the ability to contact your heavenly helpers help lighten your darkest hour? The ability is not for the privileged few but is readily accessible to everyone. As a professional, the only difference between myself and your ability to contact the spirit world is learning to let go and trust your natural instincts. As a child of the universe, it’s entirely within your realm to tap into those supernatural reservoirs of the highest power to divinely guide you on this Earthly journey.

Being intuitive, or having psychic, spiritual experiences, is essentially one and the same, labeled differently and set up imaginary boundaries. Therefore, our most treasured inner resources to survive and thrive are invalidated by society and fall beneath the radar. And that’s unfortunate when your spirit can help heal, inspire, advise, guide, intervene, support, and assist your higher good. Connecting to your divinity can power through blocks, maneuver around obstacles, head off problems, and overcome challenges by discovering that everything you need is within you. Life becomes a rich adventure, blessed by miracles daily, all within your grasp once you learn how to nurture your relationship with spirit.

It’s no coincidence you landed on my page as a seeker. I am grateful you found me and my mentorship program at this pivotal period in your life. It’s my joy to help people like you discover their inner gifts and how they may use them to serve their greater good. Whether you become a professional psychic medium like me or go on a spiritual journey to explore heavenly realms, I can help you realize your divine potential no matter your goal.

How my mentorship program benefits you:

Meet and greet your spirit guide, guardian angel, or dearly departed.

As your mentor, we will journey into the heavens together, where you’ll see, feel, hear, and come to know who stands by your side at a time of need. Divine forces are waiting to be summoned to help heal, inspire, advise, guide, intervene, support, and assist you by delivering miraculous solutions beyond your imagination. One or all realms, closely aligned to guide your soul, will appear on your voyage to resolve real-world challenges. Once you learn how to cultivate a relationship with spirit, you will form a lifetime allegiance to thrive in life.


1) Contact your dearly departed for healing grief.

Let us embark on our healing journey by reacquainting you with the spirit of your dearly departed. You can see, feel, hear, and know them intimately again by learning how to communicate not one-way but dialog daily! Personal contact with our loved ones from the other side is pure soul therapy for grief. The Experience can help you be resilient by finding closure and bringing peace of heart, mind, and soul to live life now. I know this to be true from the countless connections I’ve made for people as a professional healer and teacher. Listen to Radio Medium Laura Lee Show Podcast on any favorite podcasting forum.


2) Contact your spirit guide for life direction.

I will guide you to personally see, feel, hear, and know your spirit guide(s). Your spirit guide can include a loved one, a distant ancestor, a former colleague, a soulmate from another realm, animal spirits, an angel, or a spiritual master teacher who brings more insight, skills, or life direction to whatever problem you face. Developing a rapport with your spiritual guide can make a difference when life throws you unexpected curve balls.


3) Contact your guardian angel for divine guidance.

The celestial kingdom is accessible to all of us, no matter our faith; light beings are not exclusive to any religion and are all-inclusive. Everyone has one or more guardian angels. I will guide you into heavenly realms to see, feel, and hear and come to know your guardian angel(s) who reveals a new way. Angels anticipate your needs and lend a helping hand to guide your life. When you’re ready to ask and listen, this divine relationship is indispensable for thriving.

Learn to raise your vibration to contact the heavenly realms.

What does energy have to do with our connections – everything! Learn about the veil and how it shields your intuitive nature from blossoming. Shifting your perspective can easily adjust your vibration instantly. I share simple techniques that immediately improve your energy and enhance your connection to the spiritual realm in a snap!

Breakthrough blocks to psychically connect with your spirit.

We all have our own limitations that we must shed to embrace our intuitive nature. But, there are also deep-seated taboos around psychics and mediumship imposed by society and family norms that we must weed through. Plus, we must overcome the following fallacies to effectively work with the spirit realm:

  1. No one taught you how to connect to higher realms.
  2. Someone told you that the spiritual world is demonic.
  3. You’re scared to travel into unknown territory alone. 
  4. You feel you need to be more worthy of divine forces’ time.
  5. You are afraid of what others will think of you.
  6. You fear that the supernatural is like a real horror movie!
  7. Your everyday life difficulties block your intuitive nature.

Following my proven techniques to break through barriers, we unravel your obstructions individually as we work together. You will quickly eliminate fears once you establish contact with your network of loved ones on the other side, a spiritual guide, or a guardian angel. Developing a relationship with the spiritual realm can make a difference when life throws you curve balls, and you come away miraculously unscathed!

Discern truth from false divine guidance to live authentically.

A hot topic in our current affairs, we all need clarification on what is right advice with the wrong information when we weigh other people’s opinions against our own or reference the ‘Google’ oracle. Many people are also concerned that divine contact may be wishful thinking or that they made it up entirely. I can teach you how to clearly distinguish between truth and false guidance. Believing in yourself and trusting your inner guidance is essential to living an authentic life.

Spiritual guidance enhances decision-making skills to resolve problems.

I’ll guide you to strengthen your sixth sensory perception to SEE beyond the range of natural vision or attune to AUDIO frequencies from beyond. I will also teach you to trust your psychic senses for FEELING clear impressions. Finally, you’ll learn how to ‘KNOW’ when you receive an intuitive, psychic hit. Enhancing your extrasensory perceptions and incorporating your five senses is the foundation for sound decision-making in our new world. Learning how to overcome real-world problems becomes simplified.

Strengthen your connection with lessons, exercises, and PLAYwork.

Keeping materials fresh by sharpening your skill set is essential to your development. I designed the program for our sessions with you in mind by customizing lessons based on your skills. We move at your pace. Each week, we delve into a specific lesson and perform an exercise. I recommend PLAY work to contact your spirit: a dearly departed, a guide, or a guardian angel, and receive higher guidance to overcome a real-world problem. Whatever work you put in is what you get out of it.

I serve as your guide into heavenly realms to make contact.

Every week, you and I will journey into the heavens to meet and greet your guardian, a guide, or a dearly departed. My program is not via manual or a video but an online session. We meet weekly in a 40-minute online session, where I can teach you how to channel higher realms to answer life’s questions. Our time together allows you to express thoughts, feelings, and questions during the learning process. You are also accessible to me, as your mentor (not a psychic medium), to share feedback on your progress. I share a sacred space to openly discuss your spiritual experiences so we can learn and grow together.

Cultivating a relationship with spirit is powerfully supernatural.

My program is positively life-altering, and our work together is good-spirited fun. You’ll discover the ‘woo-woo’ in life again! Once you’ve strengthened your intuitive skills for dealing with a real-life problem, you can apply them to any situation. Avoiding drama and crises becomes easier by collaborating with your spirit guide. You go beyond facing troubles to manifesting daily blessings with ease and grace by collaborating with the heavens. Your spiritual journey is downright supernatural and powerful, revealing life-affirming miracles daily!

What others said:

“I love everything that I am learning from you!!! And being able to experience it is beyond words! I could’ve signed up to be mentored by John Edwards or another of the others, but someone or something said…” Do it,” and I signed up for your mentoring program. I wouldn’t trade you for all the GOLD in the world! Well, maybe if Elvis came back younger! Ha Ha Ha!” Kathy Mihok

“I want to let you know that having you as a mentor has completely changed my life. For that, I would always be thankful.” Jhoanne Asvathitanonta

“Thank you for teaching me… I’ve started to hear spirits now with pictures to use as verification. My readings have improved. I was chatting with a friend; her aunt showed up, as did several others. I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of them that showed up. My friend is sick with Parkinson’s and thinks she would be better off on the other side, so I contacted her family. I asked her if she had an alarm clock with a radio and if it kept coming on. She said she unplugged it ~ LOL ~ I told her that they (her family) were trying to contact her. Thank you for the training you gave me. It has helped my practice tremendously. I feel like I helped her today, and she said thank you. Lots of love to you and yours.” Angel Moody

“I contacted you last year to participate in your webinar sessions, and the mentorship program that would follow was life-altering. I plan to continue my daily meditations, journaling, and self-care to receive daily miracles. I’ve learned so much and will always appreciate” Lesli Griffith

“I enjoyed taking your course and got a lot out of it. After having unexpected health issues, I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I knew I didn’t want to postpone it. That was the right choice. I had some questions about where I was going with my life. Three years since my husband died, followed by my mother’s passing a year and a half ago, there is still much grief, but I am making some changes and feel the comfort that they are still with me after this program. I always have “chats” with him when I’m unsure about something. I got out of the course to look for subtle things that occur every day…we find answers there, though it may take a while to see, let alone act on them. I loved your course’s suggestion about doing something we love each day, which I haven’t done for a long time. Thank you,” Renee Giardini

Join my Mentorship Program to unlock your supernatural power!

You’re going to love my mentorship program, too! It begins with your commitment to four forty-minute weekly sessions within a month. We work together towards your personal goals based on your skill level and pace. PLUS, you are my welcome guest at group reading webinar events as my student.

Your registration receipt automatically signals my office to reach out and schedule our first meeting based on availability. You are free to cancel at any time. Refunds are not applicable for this service. However, credit is reserved for any services, including gift certificates and upcoming events.