VIP Message for Cecilia: Hi. I asked a question about the survival of my marriage previously. You were so right about everything. Now I need...
Messages of Love Story by Tara: After reviewing contractor quotes for staining my deck, I decided to do the work myself to stick to my...
Patience ~ Angel Message: Practice patience while in the wait and see game in the coming weeks. You’re anxious to get on with it by...
Going to trust ~ Messages of Love by Mia:  Hello, dear Laura ~ I recently listened to you tell one of your callers (on Radio...
A feeling of unrest ~ VIP Message for Angie:  Why the feeling of unrest and unhappiness? Laura Lee; Sorry to hear you’re feeling unrest, Angie....
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soul contract

A soul contract

September 13, 2022

In your imperfections

September 1, 2022

You’re never alone

August 22, 2022