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Patience ~ Angel Message:

Practice patience while in the wait and see game in the coming weeks. You’re anxious to get on with it by living the way you see fit. It is a vision based on an old way of life. And no one blames you for that, because there’s comfort in what you know. But, there’s more than what meets the eyes, and it is beyond past precepts. To thrive, you must consider how you feel and or hear about a given situation and or people. What resonates or doesn’t resonate with your soul? Don’t limit this information to only external stimuli. Adhere to the small voice within that prods you in the form of a thought, an inner vision, or a gut feeling. Listen to that call to regain momentum in an ever-changing world.

Challenges teach you patience with yourself and the process. It’s not unfolding at warp speed as you’d like but revealed in perfect timing with nurture and care. Now is not the time to push. Release the struggle and remain open to the possibilities presented. They will naturally reveal themselves to you. Weigh each opportunity at heart and measure the consequences to proceed. If it feels good, go. Sometimes this direction isn’t always most comfortable or straightforward, but doable ~ otherwise, it wouldn’t have presented to you. If a decision brings you pain, stop. Trust your internal GPS to navigate forward cautiously. There’s more in store for you but presented in a new way.

Be patient with those around you, adjusting to their new environment. Everyone is evolving, and not on the same path. That’s okay because every situation is uniquely different, as is each person. There is, however, no time to waste on what someone else says or does. Otherwise, it could trip you up. Be attentive towards your next step. Consider the consequences of your actions and behaviors among those in your circle. Modify as you go along as each circumstance presents new challenges as well as opportunities. And remember that there is always discomfort in not knowing what the future holds. Yet, think of it as an adventure. It is a time for self-discovery into an entirely new you.

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