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A feeling of unrest

A feeling of unrest ~ VIP Message for Angie: 

Why the feeling of unrest and unhappiness?

Laura Lee; Sorry to hear you’re feeling unrest, Angie.

This moment is transitory and shall pass in time. 

The first thing that comes to mind is to check in with your physician if you haven’t already. There may be a connection to hormonal imbalance. 

The second thought is that you tend to hand over your power, energy, to other people and things ~ especially when they are outside your control. What you can control is your thoughts ~ how you respond to people and situations. When it comes to children, replace worrisome thoughts by thanking Mother Mary/Maria (your guide),  for watching over and offering protection. When children are in your company, try to be as present as possible to reconnect. It is soul-affirming for all of you. As for lovers, exes, family and friends, etc, wish them blessings of peace love and joy to replace their emotional tug on you.

Yes, this is hard at times :-), but what you send out you get back! 

You also expend a lot of energy with work (naturally). I sense a crazy schedule pulling you in different directions. Leave work behind when done. Easier said than done, yes. Again, replace thoughts of grief with reflections of light. Send love and light to your work environments to restore your peace of mind. Finally, our world, country, is fraught with chaos and division. Depression, anxiety, and loneliness are at epidemic proportions (And it doesn’t help that we are all disconnecting with technology). We are, however, all connected ~ psychically. Sensitive people, however, such as yourself, are susceptible to absorbing these toxic energies from the ethers. Do your best to maintain balance by giving yourself tender, loving care. Concentrate on your core basics; exercise, rest, diet (makes you feel good), and socialize for restoration. Your health is a top priority. You can’t give to others when you have nothing to offer. 

You instinctively know these things at heart ~ but are reminders to take back control. 

CLEARING EXERCISE: I recommend a clearing exercise that I do daily (upon rest and awakening) to remain clear while juggling life’s demands. See heavens (sun or moon) shower light upon you, restoring energy to every single cell of your being. Take a deep inhale, visualize light entering the crown and exhale all concerns resting on your heart into the light. Be mindful. Release what weighs heavy on you at that moment. Trust these things drift away into the ethers for transformation. Do this 3X. Give thanks that peace, love, and joy reside in your soul. 

I also recommend reading (or listening) to my RAISE HEAVEN blog post; How spirit signals us to FALL back

Your father stands near and dear to you on the other side. You possess a family survival trait where you always find a way!

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Response from Angie; Dear Laura, Everything you describe sounds very accurate. As a child, I had a very strong connection to Mother Mary/ Maria (my middle name). Just a week ago my Miraculous medal fell out of the safe and onto the floor as though it was meant to gain my attention. Somewhere along the way, I have lost that connection. I feel honored that she is my guide, however, I do not feel worthy. My own issues I am sure. I am always in the presence of children as I am a teacher, lately, I have not been present when I am with them.  I have been feeling pulled in two directions, staying where I am at, job-wise,  or moving closer to my children. A sibling lost to me because of her choices has been tearing at my heart. I also find that when there is turmoil at work or in our world I do feel it with every ounce of my being, something I need to work on. I always worry about my children, being a mother was the thing I ever wanted to be in life. Once they became adults and moved out I have lost what I feel is my place in the world. Can fur babies be considered our children as well? Because one of mine is not well and I worry about her as though she were my own flesh and blood. I have also felt the need to see a doctor regarding my hormones, but have found the time to do so. As you said, I expend a great deal of my time with work. I will definitely make life a priority.



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