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A trusting relationship
VIP Message for Cecilia:

Hi. I asked a question about the survival of my marriage previously. You were so right about everything. Now I need to know whether I will ever be in a solid, trusting relationship again. Cecilia

Laura Lee: Regarding matters of the heart, it doesn’t always feel good to be correct, Cecilia ~ but I appreciate your feedback. I’m sorry for your loss because grieving a severed relationship is similar to processing a death. However, getting out of the toxic environment is for the greater good of all, especially if children are involved.

I suggest you invest in ‘me’ time before diving head first into another relationship. Rebound relationships can be brutal. If you haven’t already, speak with a professional counselor to work through trust issues. 

The big takeaway is to trust yourself in any relationship. 

Listen to your instincts to save yourself future heartache. You want to feel comfortable with yourself, alone. Reconnect with your spirit to proceed forward clear-headed. You need to feel solid (secure) with yourself and not be pulled back into the same drama. This is especially true when you feel lonely, and your ex comes back around wanting to reconnect. Remember that your ex is part of your past, and review my post on leave it alone!

When you change, your outer world will reflect it to you. 

I sense a lack of trust with other people stems deeper than this last relationship. They essentially come down to a common denominator; you. Deal with heavy emotions that come to the surface from past dynamics, and practice letting them go. You will heal your life and be receptive to a future relationship. I get inflammation flair up in your lower body (back, legs, feet), which sometimes feels painful. It signifies you’re stuck in the past and afraid to move forward alone. 

Conversely, a mother figure, on the other side (and physical plane, too), guides you to a solid, trustworthy partner. Possibly remarry if you remain open to the prospect. The guy I see standing by your side likes to have fun and enjoys traveling and exploring places with you. Aside from many domestic trips and on the road, there’s also international travel. He’ll be a divorcee with grown kids who already have children. He’s not old by any measure, mentally or physically. He’s goofy and, at times, immature around grandkids, who keep him young at heart. He’ll make you laugh, which unites your hearts. 

For more insight, Cecilia, review my post on your spirit’s resilient!

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