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Patience ~ Angel Message;

Practice patience without trouble or worry about what will or won’t happen. Find your zone by minding your own business. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission, the answer, or for them to join your journey. They are not the key to living life fully or the ticket to your success. And stop poking the idea(s) around in your head, with all the what-if scenarios; focusing on the problem only grows fears and further delays progress.

Practice patience by courageously forging ahead with or without those you believe holds the key to your life. You hold immeasurable power by only taking action. Remain present, here and now, engaged with the world around you. Doing the workday in and day out strengthens your spirit and resolve to go further than you imagined. You’ll learn to deal with whatever obstacles lie ahead. 

Practice patience by trusting the process. Everything is perfectly aligned even if circumstances don’t appear to be. It may seem uncomfortable at times, but your discomfort signals that you must face something to break through to the next level. Send your troubles and worries to the universe. The answers will appear in time when you least expect it. 

Paul Gilmore patiently waited fifty years for a response to his message in a bottle. “At 13, he dropped a bottle into the ocean while sailing with his family on a liner from the UK to Melbourne. On Tuesday, his note was found in South Australia by 13-year-old Jyah Ellott who was out fishing with his father.” Read More BBC

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