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Community: Angel Message for Week. You identify and link with a community. A common interest, religion and or trade draws you into their fold. Rather than making the journey solo, you feel compelled to join the company of others. Their unity lifts you. Community with a social group increases self esteem, confidence, and is an immune booster for mind, body and spirit. A sense of community gives you HOPE (Angel Message for August). There is strength in numbers. 

For instance, a year after Charlottesville, anti-hate protesters dwarf white nationalists at D.C. rally. The group was met by thousands of protesters chanting “Go home, Nazis!” “No KKK! No fascist USA!” The Washington Post READ MORE:


Community develops trust (in more ways than one). Trust is developed among peers who can show you a better way. As with the rally held in D.C., their strength in numbers demonstrated anti-hate with peaceful intention. Community also develops trust in self. You are perfectly capable and willing to do the work necessary to rise above the fray. This doesn’t have to be a political demonstration like the D.C. rally. Maybe for you it is market competition, a civic cause, and or surmount a personal challenge like health, wealth or relationship matters. 

Grace works through communities. You’re never alone in a social group of like-minded people. You have a built in support system that offers resources, tools and connections to spread your wings to fly. It’s all accessible for you to learn and grow. Its up to you now; How, when and where to utilize this base for your highest good. Keep me posted. Bless, LL


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