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A painter’s guide
Messages of Love Story by Tara:
After reviewing contractor quotes for staining my deck, I decided to do the work myself to stick to my budget.

I had a week off from work, so it didn’t seem like it would be a big deal until I got into the project. It took more time, money, and supplies than expected, making it a daunting task each day I had to wait out the rain. When I finally got paint on wood, it was always within a short window before I had to be somewhere else as a parent, a daughter, or running my business. I was kicking myself that I took on the assignment, thinking that the extra cost of hiring someone would have saved me time and money.

That’s when I asked for help from my grandfather, a fine artist who was a professional house painter, to support his passion and family.

He crossed over nearly a decade ago. I said, “grandpa, show me how to paint more efficiently in my window of time but also make it look great.” I asked him repeatedly because I didn’t think he heard me. The only thing I noticed was how I became increasingly annoyed when I would ‘accidentally’ slop a large amount of paint onto the wood and splash myself in the process. I began spreading the stain out longer distances to prevent it from going to waste.

One evening, covered in paint, my mom called to check on my painting project.

When I complained about my sloppy paint job, she shared how her dad (my deceased grandfather) always spoke fondly of the professional dutch painter, his friend, who taught him how to paint. Mom said my grandfather would impersonate his friend’s accent by saying, “Lay it on tick and spread it out tin” when he taught her to paint. It was a running joke between the two of them. I realized then that my grandfather’s spirit answered my prayers and had been my painter’s guide all along!

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