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Sharpen your focus
Your Spirit Message:


Sharpen your focus on what’s most important in the New Year.


Your vision is clear, and you have a keen sense of how you will go about it. Trust your instincts. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. There’s awareness of what is or what is not permissible for you. Little time, if any, is wasted on trivial pursuits as your spirit consistently gently reminds you what’s most meaningful. Gone are the days of showing up for people who don’t show up for you, spending time doing or going places that don’t make sense. Beyond goal setting, these are forefront life-affirming values that easily integrate into your daily practice.


Sharpen your focus on love.


Romantically, yes, but it also means bolstering family members (s) and friendships too. Strengthening bonds go can go from possibility to reality. When anyone reaches out, embrace it as an opportunity to release past transgressions and reconnect. If you’re in a relationship, it deepens. Challenges are easy to overcome by opening communications and addressing what matters most for all. For singles, love flows when you open your heart to invite it in. What are you waiting for?


Sharpen your focus on your health.


Whether it’s a physical, mental, or emotional disorder, it no longer controls you when it becomes a priority. You know what to do by taking the reigns to improve whatever ails you beyond any diagnosis. If you don’t, it exacerbates, forcing you to pay attention to your body’s signals. Your spirit guides you to do the work. When you and others recognize the payoffs, you’re all in. Results confirm your commitment to self-care, including higher energy levels and alleviating stress.


Sharpen your focus on life’s mission.


Whether it’s a job, career, or retirement, you recognize it’s time to delve more into what aligns with your soul. It is a game-changing year to make a move because your restless spirit inspires you to evolve. You already know what’s calling your heart whether it’s a job, career, retirement, or going on a soul searching adventure. Clear signs that it’s part of your plan is when associating person(s) in the field of interest encourage your participation. Surprises are in store when you go for the opportunities on your doorstep. Your high spirits are a clear indication you’re on the right path and direction.

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