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Reverence ~ Angel Message:

Your reverence for spirit proves to be useful. A previous decision, based on your instincts, demonstrates on target. It becomes crystal clear why you did what you did to overcome a challenge. You have, however, struggled with self-doubt whether or not your inner guidance was off. It soon becomes apparent that you took the best course of action. This experience proves not to doubt yourself – ever. Spirit always meets your needs before you ask.

Reverence for your spiritual practice resumes; trust grows stronger. Whereas you once believed to be lost in a swampy, dark abyss,  now you are found. It makes perfect sense why events transpired as they did, how they did, and exactly when they did. The timing was perfectly aligned. And it always is when you devote attention to your heart and soul.

Today is a celebratory moment to revere your spirit. Why? You’re alive. Life is miraculous. If you don’t recognize how yours is, ask that spirit reveal the extraordinary reasons why you are blessed with your life. Second, you have a gift that is uniquely yours. If it isn’t clear to you what that is, ask that your talent become recognizable to you and others. Thirdly, you have the love and support of the universe. If this fact remains unclear, ask your spirit to identify those who have your best interest at heart. Finally, unlimited opportunities are available to you. If you believe options are limited, ask that all possible events transpire before your eyes.

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