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His loving support

His loving support ~ Message of Love by Andy:

My grandmother was admitted to the hospital last week for severe pain. The doctors aren’t able to agree upon diagnoses nor cure her sickness. In the meantime, however, they are experimenting with medicines to help her find some sense of relief. So far, they have not succeeded.  The family has surrounded her during this difficult time. While no one escapes death, we all deny the worst-case scenario. It doesn’t help when we hear her speak in terms that indicate the end is near. She, however, has an eerie sense of peaceful resolution about it all.  When I last visited, she confided in me that my grandfather (who past away nearly ten years ago) regularly visits her bedside. She maintained that he offers his loving support. I could see he has brought her comfort with the dire circumstances. Despite my grandmother’s age, 92, her mind is sharp as ever. I do believe she tells the truth; that my grandfather’s spirit gives her a sense of peace.

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