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Tender ~ Angel Messages:

Tender is your heart. You’re especially sensitive to energies at this moment in time. Surround yourself with gentle environments, including friends and family members that support you. Sit with any fears until they pass. Breathe and ask yourself ~ “What’s the worst can happen?” It’s certainly not death. Whatever the answer, that comes to your mind, it’s going to be okay. Surrender your fear(s) to a higher power. Visualize handing over, however heavy the burden, to your angel. Give thanks for receiving peace of mind, body and soul in return. 

A tender heart is open to receiving divine inspiration. Clearing away your proverbial cobwebs is like spring cleaning the mind. Upon releasing challenges, you’re going to see more clearly. In fact, you’ll have a whole new perspective on the situation. Plus, solutions will spontaneously appear out of the blue. Seize the moment(s) they appear ~ without hesitation. Remember everything happened up till now was for good reason. But, it’s hard to see why when you were in the struggle. Just go with the flow. This is an opportunity for you to go in the direction you desire. 

A tender heart is more compassionate. Being kind to self will make you consciously aware of your choices. You’ll be sensible about making the right decisions for you. And you’re more kind towards others too. Your good will extends rewards for all involved. You aren’t seeking a return. There is no ego attached to outcome. It is what it is, because you already surrendered for the highest good. And this attitude works in your favor longterm. What you put out comes back to you ten fold. 

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