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Honest ~ Angel Message:

Be honest with yourself. There’s no one to blame but yourself. You saw the situation needed your full attention for a long while now. And you’ve known all along what you needed to do. Scared, you avoided the challenge thinking it would go away or fix itself somehow. Diverting your attention in another direction was the best course of action ~ at least you thought it was at the time. It was only a distraction. What really happened is that you lost faith in yourself. It’s never too late to get back on course. 

Be honest with others too. They deserve your respect. In turn, they will respect where you are coming from too. The heavens have heard your prayers for answers and help regarding the burden(s) you’ve carried ~ silently. Support is available when you simply ask. Don’t wait. There’s no shame when you communicate your honest assessment of the situation, what you believe needs to be done, and asking for support. Your Earth angels stood by waiting for you to take action. And this is the time to start. 

Speaking, honestly, from the heart is powerful. Up to this point, you’ve felt all alone. Weary and filled with anxiety, you don’t believe you’ll make it another day. But, you are never alone. You barricaded yourself into a protective space where others won’t see your vulnerabilities. Being vulnerable can bring about strength. Air out your grievances, fears, and challenges. It frees you from the burdens you carry to move forward. This allows others to pick you up in ways you hadn’t thought possible until now.

Truth can set you free, at least Morrie Tobin thought so. “The bizarre story of the LA dad who exposed the college admissions scandal. Tobin…cut the deal of his life. He hoped it would interest prosecutors and tip the scales a bit further in his favor.” Read More: The LA Times

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