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Forgive ~ Angel Message:

Forgive the person who gives you the most grief right now. They were ignorant of their intrusion upon your life. If you think about it, there was no malice. They only acted upon what they knew at the time. Holding a grudge does irreparable damage upon our soul ~ not theirs. Your ego believes there is strength by being angry with this person when, in truth, it weakens your spirit. Regain your strength by trying to see it from their perspective. And realize the past is over and cannot be changed. 

Peace is fully restored by forgiving the transgressions of another but, also by forgiving yourself too. You can’t go very far carrying the albatross from this relationship. There’s no good replaying the past over and over like a broken record. Acknowledge your role in the dynamic and learn from it. Lay down your burden now. If you can’t seem to let this one go, bless them.  Say it out loud to give it more power. Practice anytime your mind reprocesses the infraction(s). It may seem hard at first,  but you’ll find the hard emotions disappear with time. Clearing the past makes room for a hopeful future. 

Forgiveness inspires you to make a personal change. You’ve felt this transition coming for quite some time because your thoughts have circled this idea. If it came to your attention more than three times, heed the call. Spirit is answering your prayers. You know it’s right because you’ll feel good. 

“When asked about how some people are slower to forgive, Brandt Jean said that “each and everyone has steps to get towards actually forgiving. I probably went through those faster than other people. … If you are trying to forgive her, understand that she is a human being.” Read NBC News


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