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Heal ~ Angel Message;

You’re beginning to heal from heartbreak. By facing off the past, you started the process of rebuilding a new life. You no longer suffer pain from a past relationship. Time and distance from the source have a rejuvenating effect upon your soul. You realize it all happened for your highest good because you learned a lot about love. More importantly, you’ve learned how to love yourself. 

A new adventure offers (offered you) space to reflect upon the past. Removing everyday noise allows (allowed) you to recenter on these crucial matters at heart. Being alone with your thoughts is useful for processing. Stepping back to that moment, to see a bigger picture, you recognize everyone played a role. Taking responsibility for your part is vital for a full recovery. Do you see how far you’ve come since that period? And it was only a smidgen of time in your life play. 

A healed heart receives crystal clarity. You surrender all hard feelings towards the other party as well as for yourself. Being present with your heart, you’ll know which direction feels right. Your spirit is ready to embrace the next chapter.  

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