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A true friend
VIP Spirit Message for Isabelle about a true friend:


Will my friendship with Bailey be true and long-lasting?


It depends on how you define ‘true friend’ and ‘long-lasting.’


My interpretation of ‘true friend’ and ‘long-lasting’ may differ in opinion. But having a friend that you can lean on is always precious. Most people can count on one hand good friends. And Bailey is no exception to you. To keep your friend, remember that you must be a friend by doing unto her as you’d have her to do to you. What kind of friend do you want? Be it! 


The answer to whether or not Bailey is a true friend is in your question.


When you have to query Bailey’s integrity as a true friend, there’s a sense of doubt that your relationship has an underlying issue. Sometimes, these things can be obvious, and other times, not. It may surface in how you feel, hear, or see with your own eyes something that has pressed your buttons, often, more than once. Learn to trust yourself and your hunches. Your suspicions, however, could arise from previous friendship experiences that went sour and you haven’t healed. Investigate your heart. But, I always recommend addressing issues when they occur to remain open and communicative, keeping your bond strong rather than letting things simmer beneath the surface. 


Finally, you question whether Bailey’s friendship has an expiration date.


Again, why would you consider whether the relationship will last long unless you picked up something that makes you leary? Think about it. Some friends come into your life for a reason; then you have friends for a season and friends for a lifetime. Your friend Bailey falls somewhere in the middle. Your bond is based on grieving the loss of a relationship and helping one another move forward. Then, mysteriously, life gets in the way, which is way out of your control and organically divides you. 

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