Family ~ Angel Message; 

Your priorities shift and refocus on family this week. It isn’t anything anyone planned, said or did, but an event brought about by circumstance that rally members together. In this instance, a family is not only blood relatives but people tightly bonded to you that are like brothers and sisters for a higher cause. 

Grace has a way of magically intercepting to strengthen family ties. You may have at some point written off your tribe as a lost cause and distanced yourself. It was a fleeting moment in time because things always change. The event that transpires, however, is a monumental occasion that calls for your support team to unify for the common good of all. 

Expect to be surprised by your family during this period. While no one has really changed, people put aside their differences ~ at least for a while ~ to come together. You can anticipate seeing everyone’s highest and best version of themselves come to the forefront.  Moreover, this healing and teachable moment remind everyone of what is most important. 

“Gay high school senior, Brandon Allen, was crowned homecoming royalty at White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee while wearing a dress. He was met with widespread support from school officials and fellow students.” Read NBC News

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