Trust guidance
Angel Message: Trust Trust your inner guidance. Many of your daily signals go unnoticed, but the body recognizes intuitive cues. When the body is tired,...
Get Back Together
VIP Message for Mia:  Will my husband and I ever get back together? Mia Laura Lee: Mia, you’re grieving about your loss. And it’s normal...
Angel Message: 2022 is a year to celebrate your life! You survived another year, bid it goodbye, and welcomed a new year which means you...
Tenderness ~ Angel Message:  Act with tenderness. The world is challenging. One moment you’re flying, and next, the air was knocked out of you, landing...
Budge ~ Angel Message: You have to budge from that comfy zone to get where you’re going. Standing still, doing nothing, isn’t going to get...
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Trust guidance

Trust guidance

June 1, 2022

What physical signs

May 16, 2022

Crystal clear

May 3, 2022