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You got this
Your spirit message that there’s no backing out now; you got this!


You’ve been talking the talk, walking the walk for a long time, and can’t rest until you do it. You’re not the type who throws in the towel willy-nilly because you do not want to live with regrets. You’ve already achieved so much, and it’s time to recommit yourself and keep going even if you think not much was or is happening. But things are transpiring for you in ways beyond this world; the heavens operate behind the scenes to perform miraculous interventions that aren’t apparent until later. Remember that one of the greatest empires of all time, wasn’t built in a day. Dedicating your inner work to becoming YOU takes time to nurture and develop. It’s an assigned soul attribute you’ve got going for you; otherwise, you wouldn’t have come this far.


There are many good reasons why you got this time around.


Underlying motives still impress upon your inner psyche to get things done. Let’s investigate what’s connecting you at the soul level. For starters, you know you can do it; otherwise, you wouldn’t have started in the first place. You’ve invested so much time already that you can’t give up now. You’re the visionary who has to see it through because if you don’t, who will? Plus, people are counting on you, even if they’re unaware of how much they’ll miss you if you disappear. You also have a strong support system, people on standby ready to jump in whenever needed. Despite their unmatched commitment or enthusiasm, you inspire by leading by example. Finally, you feel called to honor the higher good by helping others and, thus, help yourself.


You got this, even if it looks different than before.


As you evolve, it’s natural that the outer world transforms, too. You see and feel it coming, but it’s okay if you don’t entirely know what it will look like. Just lean into the shifts transpiring as if you’re floating downstream. Any resistance to the changes coming forth will leave you out of breath, making it difficult to swim upstream. Just breathe. It can’t be like before; it’s only different because you’re a changed person now. Look back at everything you’ve done up to this point, and be aware of the divine order of your life’s progression. Change is neither good nor bad, better or worse, but a natural sequence on your journey. You are more than capable of handling these changes, and you will emerge stronger and wiser. You got this with open arms to welcome the many blessings coming your way.

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