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Diagnosed with preeclampsia
VIP Message for Bailey:

Hello Laura, My name is Bailey, and I became a mother in April 2022. I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia, and it was a traumatic birth. I have taken several steps to heal myself, just as I did a couple of years ago, concerning an autoimmune issue. Since then, I have had a renewed desire to bring my alternative health business to fruition and help others heal themselves. But I feel like I am now at a crossroads and need to decide before starting my business in the new year. I want guidance on whether to stay in New Mexico, where I feel like I fit and enjoy living, or move back home to Kentucky, where I am closer to the family who can help me with my son. Thank you so much.

Laura Lee: Bless you, Bailey; how wonderful you have discovered your life mission! You listened to your heart. I have no doubt you will be an excellent health coach to inspire others to live a healthy life too. Why wait another second?

You can start a business immediately. 

There’s no perfect time and no ideal place to create a business. It doesn’t matter where you are on the map because your business doesn’t need a physical location. After all, it can all happen online; website, blog, social media, and online webinars. Like a baby, there’s never a perfect time for starting a business. You begin when inspired to go because your spirit speaks to you. You’re going through mental gymnastics to procrastinate from doing it. And you know it! 

Your ego is just giving another excuse to delay. It keeps you feeling scared, insecure, and thinking small. If it’s not finding the right location to start, it’ll be what website developer I should use and spend days, weeks, and months researching. Then there is the cost and how you will fund that initiative. Then it will be to go back to school for a degree or invest in a certification to be more legitimate for clients, again spending days, weeks, and years going back and forth researching options. Yadda, yadda, yadda, you get my gist. Admit you’re scared so that you can get on with it. I once had a radio show caller, a mom, who said she had always wanted to be a pediatric radiologist for seventeen years, and something always stood in her way. I told her it was her ~ do it now! 

Mothers intuitively figure it out as they go along.

Starting a business is like having a new baby. It requires tender loving care and attention. There’s no manual; you do it instinctively. Like a child, it’s always begging for your time. And you can’t escape it if it’s your business. It’s different from a job you can walk away from at night. Your brain never shuts off. You start a business because you are passionate about the cause. However, it needs to produce money to stay open and support you and your son, let alone be successful. Then add a full-time job as a mother to tend to your son. Then he gets sick, or you’re sick, and you have ONE client that can make or break it for groceries? Hopefully, you have a supportive partner, and if not, what then? 

And from what I gather, you’ll need added income to seed the business to get off the ground. Therefore, you may need a day job to give the business fuel to stay alive, which can take anywhere from three to five years before producing a profit. That’s three things right there, not counting caring for yourself (or maybe a partner, which brings the total to five things), where your time has to focus. Give yourself a break! You can’t be Wonderwoman 100% all the time. As a woman with personal needs, a budding entrepreneur, and a parent, give your son the best support as a young child while you’re birthing another child ~ your business…

Go home to your support system for greater success. 

Success for your business does not require sacrificing your well-being as a mother and giving your son a solid foundation to thrive. Home is where your heart is, with your son. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you live in Kentucky or New Mexico to start your business. And I get that you fit in New Mexico (I love it too :-), but that doesn’t mean you can’t go back once you have wings that can fly. Sure, family relationships are sometimes rocky, and living back in Kentucky isn’t your ideal home. You aren’t a failure by going back because you are moving forward with life. And it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do it in New Mexico because you can, but a community helps mothers raise a child. 

In the meantime, think out of the box by arranging retreats back in New Mexico (maybe with other healers or coaches combined) or making it a vaca spot for you and your son to visit friends (maybe do business while you are there visiting). One or more people are urging you to come home with your son to confirm my point to return home. I can speak from personal experience when I became a mom in Los Angeles; my business was in its early infancy, too. I went back home to my family in the midwest, and it was the best thing I did for myself, my baby, and my business because here I am with you today, answering the same question I had for myself years ago! 

You’d be the first in your family to start a business to confirm the message. For more insight, I recommend reading my channeled angel messages; “Hold onto love”  or  “It’s your time” 


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