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Hold onto love
Angel Message:
Hold onto love in hard times.

Pay no attention to the person(s) over there, casting their shade upon you. Wish them well and on their merry way. Do an about-face towards those who share their love and time. They will strengthen your heart, body, and soul to rise again.

Avoid focusing on the negativity in your mind or toxic people.

Negative people in your life are few compared to everyone who cares about you. Worrying too much about what other people think takes away your power. Then that person’s pain becomes your pain, and it’s not your job to carry their burden. Do your best to find a peaceful resolution between the two of you. If your best isn’t good enough, that’s their problem.

Concentrate your time on the positive and the people who lift you.

Truthfully, there are far many more people in your life who give you their time and attention. These people love you. Naturally, their high vibrations empower you when you aren’t strong. And your light will turn back on to share with others.

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