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VIP Message for Elle:

I am wondering if my departed parents have any messages for me. I guess I don’t have a specific question other than wondering if they feel I did everything I could for them and anything that comes through. Thank you. Elle

Dear Elle, your parents are delighted to be reunited in heaven.

They reveal that they rest together at their burial site to make it easier for visits! I get the impression your mom passed recently, after your father, because she’s out front, center, and more communicative. Aside from a dog, many farm animals surround them, including chickens!

They are grateful for everything that you did by helping out.

More importantly, it’s not what you did, but by showing up and being part of their lives daily. You were more available than any other child (sibling). Your presence was a valued gift, especially for your mom during her difficult transition to let go. Like you, they treasure your bond even from the spirit world and are your companion guides when you feel lonely. Together, they hope to help you fill in their gap with more love in your life during your remaining time on Earth.

She misses all her children and grandchildren equally but can live without winter.

They now live peacefully, full-time, in a warm climate by water which was their heaven. Your mom reveals that the cardinal is the best way to recognize her spirit. I see the red bird against a snow-covered landscape, which appears impressionable because it is the only redeeming quality she remembered about winter at home other than being surrounded by the love of family!

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