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I am pregnant
VIP Message for Brooke:

I am pregnant. Will my baby be a healthy little girl?

Laura Lee: Yes, especially if you take tender loving care of yourself.

You and your baby are one! 

You’ll increase your baby’s chances of being healthy if you are healthy. 

Do everything your doctor recommends, including getting adequate rest, eating nutritiously, and exercising for your well-being during this life transition.

Try to minimize stress as much as possible by keeping your environment peaceful and surrounding yourself with supportive people. 

Then visualize heaven’s light shining upon both of you in a protective field. 

And welcome a heavenly force (God, Angels, etc) to surround you and your baby today and forever. 

Talk lovingly to your baby and, if possible, out loud.

Besides consuming everything you do, she can hear your voice and tone and feel what you feel. 

Speak from your heart, rubbing your belly, assuring her all is well!

Say things such as; 

1) You enter the world 100% emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy. 

2) You are perfect in every way. 

3) Your delivery is so easy peasy 🙂

4) You’re going to cuddle her in your arms and kiss her rosy cheeks.

5) You’re excited to introduce her to family and friends (give her names).

6) You’re excited to show her everything you love to do and see.

7) Let’s decorate your nursery together…do you like this or that?

8) What name do you like best? 

It sounds nutty but speak to her as she’s along for the ride and how the process will be a miraculous adventure for both of you.

More importantly, if you are concerned about her physical well-being or yours, which is completely normal as a mother, replace the negative with a positive affirmation.

I also recommend practicing before sleeping and awakening when your consciousness is most conducive to receiving commands.

Practice positive affirmations with your baby until birth, no matter what!

The doctors gave me bad news about my child’s development around five months into my pregnancy.

They offered me the option to abort my baby! 

I was already in love with my little girl and couldn’t imagine losing her so far along in the pregnancy. 

After meditating and praying for direction, I received guidance to do what I shared with you, and I practiced faithfully up to her birth. 

And I was not surprised, unlike my doctor, that my daughter delivered perfectly safe, sound, and 100% perfectly healthy and happy. 

There was not ONE single defect that they indicated on previous tests. 

I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had taken their suggestion seriously. 

Since her arrival, I have continued to affirm our perfect health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Because we are human and not always 100%, we are susceptible and vulnerable to various illnesses. 

Therefore the practice has helped ease my ‘motherly’ fears (and worst nightmares), giving me hope and resiliency for us all. 

My daughter is a teenager, and so far, so good we have been blessed every time. 

So no worries, Brooke; I sense your child’s spirit is anxious to live life this time around!

I hope this helps to be an easy pregnancy for mother and child 🙂 Keep me posted!

I recommend reading my Angel Message: Self-Love for more insight!

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