2023 is your time
Angel Message:
2023 is Your Time.

It’s a very spiritual year for you. There’s a lot of soul-searching for guidance and answers about what you’re here to do and how to make good use of your time. You’ll pivot direction more than once and tweak it to align with your soul. More than ever, there’s an underlying need to express yourself creatively. It’s also a time for creating the life you desire because time is too precious to waste on trivial matters. No more talking about what you plan to do in the future. You achieve master ranks when you walk your talk! Higher forces support you when you act upon inner guidance. Get on with it already because your gift is needed more than ever.

The most valued gift to self is more time.

But, “how,” you ask when I have no time! Many philosophers and physicists believe that time is an illusion. Man created the measure of time to regulate crop planting and harvesting. By accepting time is infinite, the past, present, and future are now. See, feel, and hear what you intend to create instead of laboring over what is and isn’t happening for you, which makes more of the same in your life. Aren’t you done with that chapter? Talk openly about what you’re creating. Journal what you plan to make of yourself. Visualize in your mind’s eye what you already know to be true. By expressing yourself, it is so.

Make It A Priority To Schedule ‘You’ Time.

The world is chaotic, and if you aren’t making time for yourself, other people and things will take away your time. Give it out only when it feels right. If it doesn’t, don’t. The more time invested in ‘YOU,’ the universe bends to accommodate you, and space expands, allowing you to be, do, and have more of what your soul desires. Other people will value your time too. Guard your time wisely, as your life depends upon it because it does and you’re worth it!

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