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Clear ~ Angel Message:

Clear past remnants to embrace life in the new decade. Let go of people and things that no longer serve your highest good. You know who or what they are because they’ve held your head and heart hostage. Make room to welcome new people and things who help elevate you. 

Let bygones be bygones to remain clear in relationships. Either you accept people who they are or walk away. Resisting ‘what is’ only causes more frustration. There’s no changing anyone, but yourself. Embrace peace within to find harmony in your relationships. 

Stay clear from negative self-talk. That behavior builds barriers from people entering who may offer value to you. Replace a wrongful thought with a kind one towards self.  Love is ten times more powerful than fear, and it can conquer anything. Be kind to yourself to create a better future.

Happy New Year & New Decade! Bless, LL

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Photo by Sohel Patel from Pexels

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