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Renew ~ Angel Message:

Your renewed spirit is prompting a change of mind about someone (and or something) in your life. It wasn’t like a big bang sort of thing that happened overnight. Instead, the shift has been an evolutionary process for you to see the dynamic from another perspective. Taking care of yourself prompted the change to occur naturally. You’re coming from a place of inner strength, and decision making is clear now. Your behavior (mind and body ) is following your heart. 

Your renewal was/is happening gracefully. A series of circumstances, the timing of events, and other people’s influences blended together to support your transformation. These were no coincidences. The heavens heard your pleas. The universe collaborated with all the forces to align your inner thoughts with the outer world taking shape around you. Things continue to unfold at a rapid pace, the stronger and more convicted you become. A new chapter is beginning where adventure is in store for you. 

Your renewed outlook feels right because it is right. It’s an exciting time because you’re living a life following what spirit wills. Trust that it will all work out to remain peaceful during the transition. Anxiety arises only at the prospects about the unknown future or reliving your past. A positive attitude will help you remain focused on the beauty in the moment. The people that support your change(s) are vital players here and now. Enjoy. Bless, LL

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