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Compassionate ~ Angel Message:

Your heart is compassionate towards another person. There was friction between you two previously, but airing grievances explores your strained dynamic. Processing helps everyone see a bigger picture and remember why you came together in the first place. You reconnect more deeply. Discovering new ground from where you rebuild and strengthen relationship bonds.

A compassionate heart relates at a soul level. When two people connect spiritually, beyond the mind and body, a new dynamic emerges. You learn to be respectful of each other’s needs and desires. There’s much to be gained in this relationship.

A compassionate heart is open to the possibilities. You create an environment where communication is free, flowing, and non-judgmental. It doesn’t mean you’re always in agreement, but no one is afraid to speak their truth. You both forge ahead with workable solutions. This new phase in your relationship will help all flourish.

The animal kingdom and humans can form compassionate alliances too. A camel comforts his master, who grieves the loss of his son. Watch video in Trendingly

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