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Wants a sign

Wants a sign ~ VIP Message: 

My mom, Caroline, died in 2017; I emailed you back then, and your reply, “She guides a child that bears her name in honor of her loving spirit.” In July 2020, I sent an email. You said, “a sister and/or a daughter must stop worrying about the past” This refers to my daughter, Elizabeth, and my sister, Caroline. My sister is her namesake and was close to my mom her whole life – she did more for my parents than any six kids. She wants a sign. She has never seen a cardinal and feels that she is the only one who has yet to be visited. Mom, please send Caroline a signal so she can feel some closure. Your memory lives on with us, and we talk and laugh about you all the time ❤️ Abby.

Dear Abby, Caroline will recognize signs when she’s ready to receive her mother. 


Your mother has not forsaken your sister; she gives Caroline signs all the time. For starters, she’s her namesake! If you listen to my show, RADIO MEDIUM, I share that namesakes are fortunate to have spiritual guidance from their loved ones. Just as her mother, your sister Caroline serves as a matriarch for the family 🙂 Plus, like you, she holds her close at heart ~ because she IS her mother’s heart.

Your sister, Caroline, may have overlooked your mom’s other super-natural signs too.

And as you said, ‘her memory (spirit) lives on’ is true. Your mother remains included in family discussions, laughing, and crying, just as she always had because her very presence inspires THOUGHTS of her. It’s the same when we think of someone right before they ring you on a cell phone – and without wires :-).

Her children, as well as grandchildren, radiate her spirit through their smile or eyes. The idea of seeing her through a child’s, or grandchild’s walk, talk, or behavior are indications she’s with you too. She would be in your company if you heard her call out your name, felt her presence, and or picked up her scent. Your mother says she’s appeared in dreams (this is how a medium works) to anyone open to receive her visit.

Caroline is never without her mother’s company because she hasn’t let her go! 

People recognize these signals at an intellectual level. Yet, to understand within our heart of hearts is uniquely personal as it is spiritual. A connection with the cardinal is your way of recognizing mom’s presence. In comparison, your sister may see a cardinal and think only of a bird.

As with anyone who grieves the loss of a loved one, your sister Caroline is unaware she’s blocking her mother’s messages of love. It isn’t intentional. In my field, the barrier between worlds is ‘the veil’; It is fear. When we’re down and out ~ low energetically ~ it is hard to see the light.

There are many other reasons this happens;

  1. Grief is the primary way we block spirit visitations. However, suffering is an average human experience. Dr. Kubler-Ross says hugging increases good vibrations to deal with these emotions. Daily hugs also help you rise above the fray and remain connected to loved ones without a medium. Four hugs help us get by the day, whereas 12 hugs a day help us thrive! Hug your sister 🙂
  2. Disbelief in the afterlife bars spirits from entry. It is a personal choice. The person has to choose and change their mind to see their world differently. However, your prayers for mom to heal your sister, with a sign, may eventually open her for a personal experience when she’s prepared to let go.
  3. A lot of people fear seeing, feeling, or hearing spirit. Death is scary, and the second top fear, next to public speaking. There is a lot of misinformation from outside sources that promote fear of ghosts, let alone communications with the afterlife to control. Again, it is a personal choice, and only the individual can decide what is best for them.

I recommend encouraging your sister to ASK for your mother to show her a sign she’d recognize ~ if she hasn’t already. I also suggest she ASK her mother to visit in a dream; it is less intrusive to receive their message in this manner. IF she can’t remember dreams, tell her to declare recalling the visitation long enough to write it down in a journal (keep next to the bed) immediately after awakening.

Your mother claims there will be another child delivered as her namesake not only to signal she’s not far away from home but also to love and behold the affection of her family, which was the dearest treasure of her heart.

IF you and or Caroline want to learn more about signs from the other side, join me for my upcoming seminar;

Contact Your Departed to Heal Grief

I wish you all well. Bless, LL

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