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Divine Time

Divine Time ~ Angel Message:

Everything happens in divine time. What does it mean? All things occur at the precise moment when you are ready to receive it. It doesn’t mean that things happen when you expect it, but happen when you least expect. All events are strategically scheduled for the highest good of your soul to experience. Sure, you can manifest a goal to reach a specified date and or time but be patient if it doesn’t happen according to your will. You haven’t failed. Have faith that things are working on your behalf, behind the scene. Forces will align for the right outcome to manifest and in a completely unexpected way when you’re prepared to embrace the miracle. 

Time doesn’t exist in a spiritual sense. Time is a human construct to communicate and manage daily affairs. The past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously in the present moment. You are creating based on where your attention is focused. If your thoughts are preoccupied with what happened yesterday, and or worry about what hasn’t happened in the future; you are (re)creating similar experiences in your life. You can easily transcend these events from passing by remaining present now; it’s where everything is happening. Now is a ‘present,’ because it’s where you witness life’s blessings.  

There is no other time than the present. You hold power now, not yesterday or tomorrow, but today is the day where you can create the change desired. How do you remain present if your attention strays? Come back to your breath once you realize you left the scene. Be accessible to anyone who is in your company. And as much as possible, remain engaged with what you do daily. Act upon your dream(s) at once; they are a road map of your soul’s destiny. More importantly, this precise second is where you find joy, peace, and love that you seek; how grateful it is to be alive now! 

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