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Receiving visions

Receiving visions ~ VIP Message: 

I have been receiving visions for about a year now, and I do not know what they mean or why I am receiving them. When they started, they were volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and I would see maps of the earth with smoke coming from different locations. I also saw what looks like videos of children playing or people or places that I have never been to.  Others are of blueprints, writing, symbols, hieroglyphics, and Stonehenge.  Some visions look like medieval times…I have had beautiful visions of handing me an Angel medal on a chain.  Another one was a bright orb in the sky that got brighter then I saw movement in the center, and it was a being with wings.  I know it was an Angel. I have always loved Angels ever since I was little.  In fact, this morning, I asked to see something wonderful.  I saw what looked like a gray cloud in a dark sky, and it was like a puff of smoke coming from the cloud. Then I saw a bright orb coming out of the puff of smoke, and again there was a winged being inside the orb.  The orb would go dark and then grow bright again.  I have had so many visions, including…planets, spaceships going through portals.  I can go on and on.  LOL, This is why I am confused. I will so much appreciate the help if you can tell me why I am receiving these visions? Warmest regards, Donny

Laura Lee:

Donny, in my line of work, anyone who can ‘see’ visions is clairvoyant. And yes, they can appear like mini-movies in mind. 

You may have activated and or enhanced your latent ability by making lifestyle changes. For instance, meditation is a straightforward way of opening the pineal gland. It rules over your third eye, which gives you the ability to see. Also, eating a more clean diet, exercise, and receiving adequate rest (meditation falls in this category) can change the way we see the world. A major life event can activate the gift, too, such as a death, divorce, losing a job, and a pandemic! However, practicing tender care for yourself is the fastest way to increase your energy and become more mindful of visions (dreams too). Most importantly, increasing energy raises your vibration and overcome any horrific scenery to connect with the angelic realm.

Your angel is trying to get your attention. They want you to know that there is more going on in the world than what meets the eyes. Angel communication is not new. It predates 400 AD, where it once was part of our social norm. There is evidence of celestial beings influencing humanity in hieroglyphics, caricatures with wings, and wings inscribed on tombs. The third eye is represented among these drawings too. There is also evidence of angelic intervention in holy scriptures from all religions. 

Angels are still among us, but many people have lost touch with higher guidance because they’ve lost faith. Plus, many don’t realize they have an angel for support or receive their messages for various reasons. Visions are one of several ways they can contact humans. More people are being called, such as yourself, for receiving their messages during unprecedented times (major life events). By acknowledging their presence, you’ll regularly see their power and influence over your life. Please pay special attention to your visions (and or dreams) by recording them in a journal. In time, you’ll disseminate their information more clearly. 


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