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Shift my energy ~ VIP Message: 

My youngest daughter, Joy, 31 years old, passed away in October. I feel her death was in direct response to my cruel behavior towards her when she was 14. I sent her overseas to live with her sister for six months for no good reason other than my wrong actions. She came back broken, with addiction, suffered many hurtful relationships, and health problems. I eventually let her go, and things finally turned around for her; at least happy in a good relationship, but her body and heart gave out. The emotional trauma, the pain I caused by sending her overseas was too significant. I feel awful; it’s tremendously painful and a great loss to me. I apologized many times for everything I did wrong. I was so far off my path during her birth. I’ve made so many mistakes. How do I shift my energy? Thank you, Reece.

Laura Lee: Bless your heart, Reece.

I’m sorry about the loss of your beloved daughter, Joy.

Losing a child is the worst tragedy any parent could face. You may never completely heal from losing your daughter. You are, however, processing through the guilt stage in grief. This shall pass with time.

You are not to blame for Joy’s death. No parent is perfect ~ we all have our flaws. While she will always be your baby, she was not a child when she transitioned. She was an adult who chose her time (no matter our human age, our soul always knows when it is time to transition). Her addiction problems masked the emotional pain that she did not take time to address. As a result, it took a toll on her body, mind, and spirit. Her problems were more significant than you.

For one, I sense she was not appropriately diagnosed, if at all, for an underlying mental health disorder. I get the impression that there was physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, as well as a botched surgery, which contributed to her fall. IF this rings true, it is to confirm that you cannot take the hit for all her troubles.

Regarding your decision to send her overseas, you did your best at the time. You were young, spiritually too, and made a decision thinking ~ at that time ~ it would be better for all.

As you mentioned, you asked for forgiveness many times over. She eventually accepted that apology by letting you back into her world before her passing. Even if the relationship was not entirely on best terms, you were available to her in terms of living arrangements and guidance. While she may not have always listened to you, it all counts for redemption. IF any of this rings true, it confirms my message.

The thing to remember is that she was in a better place, surrounded by people who cared for her when she transitioned.

Don’t let the past control you. You can shift the energy through counseling, journaling, writing Joy a note about how you feel, or doing something in her honor, such as planting a tree or volunteering time to empower young girls (i.e., Boys and Girls Club). I also suggest taking better care of yourself; start by being more compassionate. There is more family in your life that needs your attention. Be the person you intended to be for your daughter. Reconnect with your family and hug them often to reclaim JOY in life. This is your daughter’s wish for you.

I recommend the following healing exercise to practice daily for shifting energy;

With your eyes closed, visualize Joy at her happiest state (recall from a past moment) standing in front of you. And then see the light from the heavens shine down upon you both (if you can’t visualize, pretending is effective too). Inhale the light into your crown down to your heart on four counts, and exhale the light on eight counts directly to Joy’s heart. Repeat three times or more until you feel it from within your heart. And then state, from your heart to heart, something like;

“Thank you, Joy, for allowing me to be your mother and showing me the way. I love you with all my heart. I wish you soul the peace, love, and joy it deserves.”

Do this exercise anytime you fall asleep and awake, or anytime the pain remerges to work through your hard feelings.

I recommend Angel Message: Gratitude

I hope this helps Reece. Bless you and your family. LL

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