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Tenderness ~ Angel Message: 

Act with tenderness. The world is challenging. One moment you’re flying, and next, the air was knocked out of you, landing you on your back. It hurts. Don’t ignore your feelings; pain brings wisdom. Then process through it, to rebound faster. You’ll climb back onto your feet in no time, ready to go again stronger and wiser from experience. 

Tender is your heart. Even if you don’t believe you’re a tender person, you too have a pure heart that desires to be appreciated, respected, and loved. Resisting difficult emotions builds walls and blocks from receiving your higher good. Yes, there are people in the world with problems that appear more significant than yours, but that doesn’t make your difficulties any less meaningful. Life is full of setbacks, hiccups, and roadblocks. There are lessons to be learned within each opportunity to grow, including patience and tender loving care with self. Take time to reflect, heal, and reopen your heart to let love shine into our world. 

Be tender to others. No one is safe from experiencing hardship in one degree to another. There are tradeoffs, no matter your skin color, sex, age, faith, economic status, or profession. What you give to another, you’ll receive tenfold back. It may not come from those you expect; however, the universe always sends an earth angel to lend a helping hand when needed. 

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