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Supernatural ~ Angel Message:

Tap into your supernatural power. What is that you say? You have a gift that is unlike anyone else. It’s always been within you. When put to good use, you feel bliss. Time passes without notice. You’re in a state of graceful flow. More importantly, you recognize how much better you feel afterward. Whatever that activity, talent, and or skillset is your super, natural power. 

Your supernatural power gives you energy. It lifts you up ~ organically. Meaning, you don’t have to try and or manufacture focus to access it. Whereas other people struggle, it is ridiculously easy for you to do without much thought. It doesn’t mean that making the time for it isn’t easy. What keeps you away is your ego, which says you’re not good enough, don’t have time, or have enough money. The ego wants you to feel small and insignificant. But, when you find your way back to it ~ you feel inspired to change the world. Why wouldn’t you want that for yourself all the time? 

A supernatural power strengthens your spirit. You’re centered, calm, and resilient to weather any storm. It puts everything in perspective by balancing out all the hard stuff. Things aren’t as bad as you thought. The highest praise you can give to your creator (God) is engaging your supernatural power. As you give, your life has meaning and purpose. Commit to it now, your life depends on it. 

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