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Wisdom ~ Angel Message: 

You make a decision based on inner wisdom. Sometimes we are presented options to go right or left; we don’t give much thought and make a snap turn. Usually, our quick choice is what we know. It is comfortable and offers a sense of familiarity but winds up, giving us much of the same. While this may work up to a point, it is no longer acceptable now. In the days ahead, you will have to make a decision that will make you pause. It is notable for a good reason. Take the time to access your inner resources to make the wisest choice to play out a whole new experience. 

Wisdom comes from your practical experience. Everything you’ve done up to now, the good with the bad, have taught you lessons about life. Don’t regret or discount one minute of it. It was all right because they made you ~ uniquely you. The universe will offer you another opportunity to make a choice that appears to be a repeat of the past, but it’s not. Your higher self, this time around, interjects clarity and understanding from your history. Pay attention to the information transmitted to guide future opportunities that are in store for you.  

Wisdom is the knowledge database stored within you. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit. So stop downplaying your intelligence. Before you think or verbalize the words, ‘I don’t know,’ consider you DO know the best choice for you. Recorded and imprinted upon your soul is a cumulative life experience. It is stored for a reason and can shed light on the course of action. If you doubt yourself, ask your higher self, “what are the consequences of my decision to choose A (and then ask separately for choice B, C, and so forth). Wait for the response. It may appear as a daydream, a thought, or a pleasant or uncomfortable feeling. Trust your inner guidance system to navigate your life. Then you know what is the wisest choice for you. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin farmer, made a wise choice by planting 2 million sunflowers to bring hope for 2020; READ CNN

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