Meant to be
Meant to be ~ VIP Message; I need guidance to restore my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We broke up five months ago after being together...
OPEN ~ Angel Message
Open ~ Angel Message: Be open to someone who has caused you distress. They have an important message to deliver that is intended to mend...
Heal ~ Angel Message; You’re beginning to heal from heartbreak. By facing off the past, you started the process of rebuilding a new life. You...
My boyfriend ~ VIP Message for Christina: Christina: I have been accepted into my doctorate of education program, beginning at the end of August. Also, I...
Trying to connect ~ VIP Message for June: Hi Laura, my question regards two issues connected to one another. The first is about a love...
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Divine Order

Divine order

October 1, 2022
soul contract

A soul contract

September 13, 2022

In your imperfections

September 1, 2022