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Meant to be

Meant to be ~ VIP Message;

I need guidance to restore my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We broke up five months ago after being together for two years. The way we met was synchronistic, and the relationship was relatively easy, with no drama. Everything moved quickly and felt right like it was meant to be. I believe he just got scared. I keep having visions, positive thoughts, about us being together and getting married. Every day I think about us. My gut tells me the feeling is mutual. Since I’ve been experiencing this strong intuition in other areas in my life, I need guidance as to whether these thoughts are guiding me back to him. Should I listen to my intuition and hang in there or move on? Quinn

Laura Lee: YOU do both!

Let me explain…

Usually, I’d say that reoccurring dreams of exes mean that you haven’t had closure and or healed from the broken relationship. With that said, however, I do believe it is a case by case scenario.

In your situation, I do sense he will return.

Yet, this man has not committed to your future nor is making any current attempts to reconnect. He doesn’t own you or your time, and you don’t owe him any of yours either.

In the meantime, live your life and enjoy it. Resist the urge to wait by the phone and or watching for him to come around the corner. Get on with your day to day life.

I also encourage you to feel free to connect with other people when the opportunity arises. There is no reason to feel the slightest bit guilty because you are a FREE woman who deserves joy.

Have you ever heard the phrase set them free, and if it’s meant to be, they’ll come back to you? It is the truth about your ex.

It will drive you mad, and keep him at bay by putting up blocks, by giving him your energy stressing about who/what/when/how your relationship is going to get back on track.

Practice the following exercise to set him free;

1) Visualize your ex-boyfriend in front of you. Pretending is as effective if you can’t see in the mind’s eye. 

2) See the white light beam down upon the two of you. 

3) Take a deep breath, pulling light in through the crown, and exhaling from your heart to ex’s heart like a laser beam of love.

4) Repeat three times ~ and or until you feel the love vibration from your heart outward to your ex. It may be hard at first, but keep practicing until you feel the warmth and tingly sensation from the heart.

5) State out loud (adds power), or within your mind, “I bless you, (boyfriend’s name), with peace, joy, and love.” 

6) See your ex dissolve in the white light.

I suggest practicing the exercise before sleeping, upon awakening, or anytime your heart grieves the loss. It will restore peace in your heart over time to the point you no longer think about him. IF you don’t feel calm and keep spinning your wheels, keep practicing until you unplug. I promise you’ll be FREE to go about the day, present with yourself.

Take your POWER back by fueling yourself with love through the exercise. He’ll feel detachment too because you are no longer feeding him any energy.

What you put out comes back to you; LOVE and RESPECT yourself ~ and you’ll receive love and respect that you deserve.

Remember that you are enough as you are; strong, competent, independent, and resourceful woman.

This relationship does not complete you but adds sweet icing on the cake.

One final note, I share with anyone who grieves a broken relationship,

“BLESS that he left you!”

There’s always a reason that sometimes we don’t fully comprehend until the skies clear later down the road. 

Take care of yourself during this crucial time.

I recommend reading ANGEL MESSAGE: RESPECT

I also suggest reading GETTING TO I DO by Dr. Pat Allen ~ the title doesn’t only mean marriage but long term committed relationships. I believe the couple bucks on Amazon is worth the investment to prepare for your future (and I get no kickback for recommending Dr. Pat’s work 🙂

Keep me posted ~ Bless, LL

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