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Angel Message for April: Reconciliation. You reconcile a broken relationship. A repeated dynamic in this relationship left you feeling drained, dissatisfied, disappointed, angry, sad, mad or a mixed bag of these emotions. It’s easier to blame the other person. Have you ever heard the saying, “You point a finger, but three point back at you!” This person is teaching you something about yourself. And they might not be the first person that has tried. This is an old wound you haven’t addressed from the past and it’s keeping you in a rut. It’s time for you to take inventory by acknowledging where this pattern originated (you’ll know). Identify your role in the current power play. Awareness is the first step towards healing. You can’t change the other person, however, you can change by responding differently. If you don’t know exactly how/what that looks like, hand it over by performing this exercise; Close your eyes and visualize the other person before you (if you can’t visualize, pretending is as effective). See a light, like the sun, shine upon you two. Inhale this light into your crown, into the heart, and exhale love and light from your heart to theirs like a laser beam. Do this three times as you bless this person as they dissolve in white light. Repeat the exercise anytime this matter grips your heart with grief. Finally, communicate to bridge the gap in your relationship. This will help you and the other person let go, evolve, and move forward to whatever expression is the highest good for all involved. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL


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