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Still with me

VIP Message for Tina: I often wonder if anyone I have lost has an attachment to me or messages for me. I have dreams about them often. Does this mean that they are still with me?

Medium Laura Lee: Yes Tina, if you dream of those you have loved, then they are still with you.
Dreams are a form of receiving information from higher realms. It is called CLAIRVOYANCE. Clairvoyance means clear seeing. You have the ability to see. This is a gift. Dreams and daydreams are the most effective way for spirit to communicate to their loved ones. As a professional medium, this is the most effective way that I receive messages from higher realms. No matter how abstract your dreams, they are a message to help you manage your daily affairs. It is best to record your dreams in a journal immediately. If you write your dreams down, their message is more clear than if you were to let the dream circle around in the head throughout the day. It is easier for the brain to process when you can see it and or read it outside of yourself, in black and white, than in abstract form in the mind.
Dreams also help you process through loss ~ grief. We don’t die. We only transition from one dimension to another. However, that disconnect or separation (fear) makes it difficult to bridge the divide between each other. People rebounding, beginning to heal, from grief can receive a visitation in the dream state. This is good news for you. Trust your dreams. You may want to review my Angel Message for 2017: Trust ~ This is relevant to your subject matter. 
I have a father figure, paternal side, (assuming dad) who wore a strong cologne (or shaving cream) when all dressed up ~ in a suit, which wasn’t his daily wear 🙂 ~ hover as I write your message to confirm that he is, and always will be, close to your side. Hope this helps.
Bless, LL
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