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Angel Message for 2017: The ‘Angel of Trust’ will invoke a deeper level of intimacy within yourself by sharpening your ability to discern inner guidance from the ramblings of the mind and drown out voices around you (including media). It is important for you to read between the lines of fact and fiction so that the choices you make help you fly in the coming year and beyond.

Trust your dreams as they are there for a reason. Your dreams are not by chance, but to inspire you to live a life full with meaning and purpose ~ no matter who you are and what you do. Your body, mind and soul are not intended to sit idle, it is your divine nature to always create. Keep a journal and record your dreams to give them life.

Trust your heart as it always knows best. Feelings, that radiate from the heart, are a beacon of your truth. If you sense warmth, peace, love and joy (feels good) move towards that desire immediately without hesitation because the opportunity is fleeting. When we over think, analyze, and find reasons why we ‘can’t or shouldn’t’ is when we get into trouble and trip over our own feet. IF, however, you sense a sharp pain, burning sensation, or nausea (feel bad), retreat from the situation, person, or place for greater clarity and it will come.

Trust the wisdom of your inner voice. The voice is quiet, like a whisper, yet recognizable as your very own and repeats itself until you listen. Pay attention to song verses, phrases, and words  (maybe someone else will voice the same message you hear within to confirm the vip message) that inspire or empower you to take action, it maybe answering your prayers and or giving you life direction. If it asks you to harm yourself (and makes you physically, emotionally or mentally ill) or harm others, in any other manner, then this is not true guidance. Retreat and or get help immediately.

Trust your inner knowing because all the answers are within. If it is foggy, remember this shall pass when you ask for clarity. ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ When you trust the signals from your built in honing device, that is connected to all that is and all that is to become, then life becomes a dance. Your life will unfold gracefully. Everyday you will see miracles. IF this doesn’t come easily, that’s okay. Keep practicing, paying attention to the inner signals, and avoid beating yourself up. Instead treat yourself with tender loving care; Take a ’time out’. Be quiet. And reconnect in whatever way helps you pay attention and listen.

Wishing you many blessings of peace, happiness, love, health and prosperity in the New Year! LL

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