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Not opening up

VIP Message for Deanna: I am doing a lot of work with my intuition and psychic abilities. I feel it is not opening up as fast as I would like. Do you see that it is?

Medium Laura Lee: Yes. I see you working with tarot (more specifically: Angel cards) to confirm this fact. There is no hurry. You can’t rush this process. It continually unfolds and coincides with your awareness level. However, FEAR(S) can and will block your progress. For instance, fear of what others may think if you displayed any psychic ability 🙂 Fear that you aren’t developing fast enough: For who and what purpose? Putting a deadline on your ability to open stops the flow. I recommend a few practices to help aid in your development and unlock the fear.

1) Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. And do this DAILY.

2) Join a psychic group. Check out for groups close to you. Or start one with like minded people where there is a sense of comfort to explore tools of divination.

3) Keep a dream journal. Date and record your dreams and daydreams too. Leave space after each entry. Then review your journal every so often to see how far you’ve progressed since the dream to discern if it was a psychic premonition. Record any developments. This tool serves to boost your confidence over time.

4) Share psychic insights with people. Always, however, ASK the recipient if they are open to receive your insight on their situation (you don’t have to say it is a psychic premonition). If permission is granted, then share your impressions. Also record these in your dream journal. IF the other person can’t confirm anything at that point, follow up with that person at a later date to learn the outcome for your own validation. Record in journal.

IF you are already engaged in some of the steps above, then it confirms you are on the right path. IF you are ready for the next step and need a mentor, I can help. Contact [email protected] for more details about a private mentorship program. 

Ask Laura Lee your VIP question by email.

Bless, LL

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